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How Much Growing Room To Leave in Kids Shoes?

How Much Growing Room to Leave in Kids’ Shoes?

Fitting your kids’ shoes can be a difficult task… After all, we want to leave enough growing room while ensuring that their shoes still provide adequate support. Children’s feet grow at such a rapid pace, often making it difficult to find a consistent size, therefore it is important to understand the correct methods to use when sizing your kids’ shoes. As your children switch between different styles of shoes, their size will often change too depending on the unique design of the shoe. 


At Bobux, we offer a variety of shoe collections specifically targeted to different stages of life, as opposed to ages. This allows parents to secure kids’ shoes that accommodate your child's growing needs more accurately, while providing premium support. For further guidance check out our Stages Overview.  


One of the most frequently asked questions is ‘how much growing room should we allow in our kids' shoes?’ This simply depends on the age of your child, the type of footwear and whether they are a confident walker… simple right? Not always… 


Follow our help as we look at how much room is needed in varying shoes to ensure your child's ultimate comfort and support at all times, while making purchasing children's footwear an easy process. We are here to guide parents in finding the correct shoes for their kids, through our top tips and tricks!  

How to Fit Kids’ Shoes Not Too Snug and Not Too Loose

Although fitting your kids’ shoes perfectly is dependent on the style of shoe, fortunately there are some universal rules that you can apply to ensure that you get it right every time! 


Are you constantly wondering how much space to leave in their shoes? The general rule of thumb is ¼ of an inch from the top of their largest toe to the end of the shoes. However, note that this varies depending on the child. It is important to gently press on the front of the shoe when fitting your kids to confirm that their toes aren’t squashed. Lastly, confirm that the shoe is properly fastened and that your child feels comfortable and confident in their new shoes!  


How much growing room to leave in shoes is dependent on a variety of influences. Some top tips that we encourage following include:


  • The big toe isn’t necessarily the longest toe, therefore it is important to accurately determine which toe is the longest before measuring how much growing room to leave.  
  • Leaving space between the toes and the end of the shoe is particularly important when fitting toddler’s or baby’s shoes as they tend to move their feet as a form of development. 
  • The width and shape of your child’s foot is just as important as the length when finding the correct fit. 

We have developed an easy to follow Size Guide, allowing you to select the right shoe from the comfort of your home.    

Choosing Kids Shoes That Allow For Growing Room

Putting your child in shoes that are either too small or too big can have negative impacts on their development and limit their support, which in turn exposes them to injuries. 


When choosing the correct size shoes it is important to practise recommended fitting methods, rather than relying on the same size for each style of shoe. As your child's foot continues to grow in length, additionally they experience changes in the width and shape of their foot which can further impact sizing decisions. 

Important considerations include:


  • Adjustable straps allow for my flexibility during wear, as they can constantly be altered as the foot continues to grow. Check out the Grass Court shoe to learn more about the benefits of an adjustable strap.   
  • Select a shoe that accommodates your child’s natural foot shape. At bobux, we develop a range of varying shoe styles, each suited to all foot shapes. Our shoes feature flexible soles that supports all foot shapes. 
  • Flexibility is important as it allows your child to move freely while remaining supported. The Playground Icons range guarantees flexible movement, in the form of an energetic design.  


What About Growing Room for Baby and Newborn Shoes?

Sizing is one of the most important features when fitting your infant, however there are additional factors that you can consider to ensure that your child has premium support. At Bobux, we pride ourselves on developing a wide range of shoes that accommodate individual foot shapes. We have carefully designed our collections to include features that support your child’s growth and development during their different stages:


  •  Soft Sole  

The Soft Sole Collection has specifically been designed for babies and crawlers, in which the shoe works to protect the feet while naturally guiding their development. Constructed from a suede sole, an unlined leather upper and an elasticated ankle, the shoe allows your little one to move freely while their feet remain supported. These are available in sizes S to XL, suitable for little ones aged 0 to 2. Soft Soles should fit snug but with a little wiggle room.


  • Xplorer 

The Xplorer is designed for your little explorers, who are about to embark on their first steps. Whether your child is beginning to pull themselves up on furniture, or they’ve already mastered their first steps, this shoe provides them with the ultimate support. Constructed with an elastic collar, great flexibility and breathable materials, the shoe moves with your child, allowing feet to naturally strengthen. Xplorer shoes should fit securely, these light weight shoes will move with the foot and allow breathability. 



  • Step Up

The Step Up Collection has been curated for children who have begun taking their first steps, therefore require that additional stability. As your little one starts embarking on their own adventures they may experience wobbles, creating the need for a shoe that is secure and supports their joints during movement. Constructed with durable material, the Step Up Collection guides your little one in their first steps through flexible materials that support 360 degree movements. Step Ups should fit closely to the foot, with the range of adjustable styles, the perfect fit is easy to find!


  • I-Walk

Suited for the confident walkers, the I-Walk Collection targets active toddlers. Designed to support healthy foot development and movement, the construction of the shoe includes flexible, hard wearing soles and premium materials to support more extreme actions, in the form of premium style. I-Walks should be fitted snug but not tight. Confident walkers need support but also a little room. 


  • Kid +

Designed specifically for the active child, the Kid + Collection will confidently follow your child over each hurdle. Constructed with an upper strap, the shoe guides movement while protecting joints. Anatomically placed grooves allow movement in the right places while supporting growth. Kid+ shoes are the perfect all rounders and should fit comfortably and securely. Bobux sizing is a little more generous than other brands to allow movement.



Find Kids Shoes That Fit Perfectly at Bobux! 

Here at Bobux, we understand that the key to finding the perfect fit for your kids shoes is to always consider the functionality and shoe design! Each shoe within our bobux range has been podiatrist approved and designed to help guide the natural development of the feet. Our shoes are specially designed for little feet, not just any ordinary shoes made in kids sizes. Check out our wide range of soft sole baby shoes, shoes for infants and crawlers, shoes for first walker, shoes for toddlers and the best shoes for kids


Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff when purchasing your kids shoes. Offering convenience and accessibility for all, you can shop online or visit us in store, at a location closest to you.


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