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Healthy Lunch Box & Snack Ideas for Kids



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Healthy Lunch Box & Snack Ideas for Kids
Finding healthy foods that your kids actually like is easy if you start them off with smart choices when they are little. Most kids actually love fresh fruit and vegetables because they are colorful and taste good. Read on to learn about new healthy snacks and a few classics with a twist that your little one will love!

Granola & Yogurt

Little kids love to mix things together. Send a small cup of granola in a container with a lid and include a frozen “go-gurt”. By the time lunch rolls around, the yogurt will have thawed enough that it can easily be squeezed into the small cup of granola. Provide a spoon and you have a cup of sweet, smooth yogurt and granola that your child will love either at lunch or at snack time.

Peanut Butter & Jelly with a Twist

Peanut butter and jelly is a classic for good reason. Spice it up by swapping plain bread for waffles! Another variation you can try is to use almond butter instead of peanut butter. Almond butter pairs perfectly with either fruit or honey and makes for a deliciously nutritious lunch. If you use waffles, you can also pre-cut them into fun shapes.

Give Them Something to Hum(mus) About

Trying to find healthy options in lieu of condiments? See if your little one enjoys hummus as either a dip or a spread for the bread on their sandwich. Hummus now comes in a variety of flavors and is usually a kid favorite. Most hummus brands don't have a lot of additives or preservatives making it a clean treat that will go together with fruits, vegetables, different types of meats, and almost any type of bread or cracker for a snack.

Sandwiches Topping Ideas Hummus Veggies

Quesadillas and Guacamole

Make chicken and cheese quesadillas ahead of time and cut them into fourths to plan lunches in advance and save on waste. If you know your child will only eat three of the four, you can save one for an afternoon snack when they get home from school. Include some guacamole and some fruit slices and you have a solid lunch that will give your little one the energy they need to power through the day!

Turkey and Cheese Roll-Ups

Turkey and cheese roll-ups wrapped in a soft tortilla will provide your child with a finger sandwich that is easy to manage without having to use both hands. Hello, multitasking! Include carrot or celery sticks, a small cup of yogurt and a cookie to make a great lunch for a growing child (that they wouldn't dream of trading with their friends!). Throw in a post-it note for encouragement and they can finish their lunch with a smile.

Follow the Rainbow!

If your little one enjoys colors, create a rainbow inspired meal. Kids with Autism or those who have sensory needs may enjoy seeing all of the bright colors in their lunch box. A small cup of white rice with green broccoli and a sprinkle of orange cheese is just the start. Bright red cherry tomatoes, orange carrot sticks, green sticks of celery, blueberries, and plums are all colorful and healthy choices. You can even find blue tortilla chips or vegetable pasta that comes in green, orange and white. Mix it up and let them follow the rainbow!Creating healthy lunches and snacks can be fun for both parents and kiddos. Let your little one help choose and pack their lunch and snacks so that they are invested in the choices and less will goes to waste. By getting them in the habit of eating healthy foods when they are young, they will be more likely to opt for healthy choices when they're older!