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5 Healthy Back To School Lunch Ideas

5 Healthy Back-to-School Lunch Ideas 

With the usual commotion that goes into getting the kids ready and off to school, it can be incredibly helpful to have their daily lunches planned and prepped in advance. Whether you have oodles of free time or are constantly working down to the wire, it is essential to ensure that each of your children is sent off to school with a nutritious meal to fuel them throughout their day. 


At Bobux, we have put together some delicious & simple healthy back-to-school lunch ideas to keep you and your kids eating well all year round! 


How Does Healthy Eating Help Your Kids? 

Most parents know that getting their kids to eat well is often challenging. 


But don’t give up! 


Healthy eating is at the centre of your child’s growth and development. It profoundly affects their physical and mental health, not only aiding them with maintaining a healthy weight but also stabilising their moods, sharpening their minds, and supporting their emotional well-being and mental health. Without a balanced, nutritious diet, your kid’s bodies will not have access to the essential minerals and vitamins they need. 


When you prioritise healthy back-to-school lunch ideas filled with fruits, vegetables, grains, and more, you are helping your children prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even some cancers. It will also contribute to your child adopting a healthy lifestyle as an adult, promoting a positive relationship with food, and maintaining their overall well-being. 


Our Selection of Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Now that we have covered the why, let’s move on to the how


It can be tricky to come up with fresh ideas for healthy lunches that keep things interesting for your child. To get you started, here are five healthy back-to-school lunch ideas that we know every kid will love! 


1. Pasta Salad

A pasta salad offers a great combination of flavours and textures for children trying to get back into the swing of the school day. You can include as many nutritious elements as you wish to give them the energy they need to make it through their classes, all while keeping them excited about eating healthily. You can throw in anything from fresh pesto to Greek yogurt alongside vegetables like peas, green beans, and cherry tomatoes. 


So, if your kids are passionate about pasta, treat them to this fantastic healthy back-to-school lunch idea. 


2. Super-Salad Wrap

Wraps are always a popular twist on the standard sandwich. The great thing about them is that you can be as creative as you want with the ingredients! 


Perfect for packing into a lunchbox, this easy back-to-school lunch idea will keep your kids excited. You can use whatever your children love best, like lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, salsa, cheddar cheese, or hummus – the options are endless! 


Get your kids on board with eating well and experiment with a healthy salad wrap today! 


3. Cheesy Quesadillas 

Wouldn’t it be great if the kids had a hand in preparing their healthy back-to-school lunch ideas? Well, get them inspired with mouth-watering cheesy quesadillas! Easy to make and full of healthy ingredients, this lunch option will be a definite winner. 


Start by including black beans, spring onions, coriander, cumin, smoked paprika and cheddar cheese into your mix. Fill large tortilla wraps and fry in a pan until golden brown for delicious results!


4. Savoury Muffins

Every child gets excited over muffins, so why not make them a healthy alternative they can enjoy as a back-to-school lunch? Full of cheesy goodness and seasonal veg, your savoury muffin recipe will become a favourite for kids of any age. 


Try starting with simple ingredients like courgette, spring onions, red capsicum, and parmesan to get a feel for what your children like. After some practice, you can shake up the recipe to find the perfect mix for your loved ones to enjoy every day. 


5. Vegetarian Spring Rolls

These tasty packages pack a punch! Not only are they deliciously crispy, but they also contain plenty of essential vitamins and minerals, thanks to various healthy vegetables. With an ingredients list including cabbage, ginger, onion, kale, and mushrooms, you will get your kids to eat their five a day in no time! 


Be Back-to-School Ready with Bobux

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