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5 Gifts For Kids That They Will Actually Use

5 Gifts for Kids That They Will Actually Use 

Christmas shopping can be challenging at the best of times, but when you are shopping for a child who has everything, coming up with ideas for gifts for kids can prove terribly complicated!

Year in and year out, children are presented with Santa Sack-loads of plastic toys, impulse purchases, and random presents that often go unused and forgotten after Christmas Day. So, why not make things easier on yourself and invest your time in finding something your child will use all year round?

At Bobux, we have found five fabulous alternatives to generic gift-giving that your kids will love to use.


1. Seasonal Clothes & Pyjamas 

Shopping for clothes is a personal experience. That said, no one knows your child better than you! So, take the time to pay attention to your children’s style and see if there are any items they have had their eye on leading up to the holidays. This could be anything from a comfortable wearable blanket to cute seasonal offerings like Christmas pyjama sets.

You could even find something that you would not usually buy. For example, a particular item may be a little bit more expensive or comes from your child’s favourite store.

If you are still unsure, always ask for a gift receipt so you can exchange any sizes or styles should you need to!


2. Books, Books, and More Books! 

As you begin searching for practical gifts for kids this year, you cannot look past a good book. When chosen carefully, a beautiful book will not disappoint. Consider your child’s interests, reading level and age when choosing between options.


For example, younger children and babies will get the most out of board books and soft stories. These resources can provide opportunities to learn everything from animal names to the ABCs, all while promoting early literacy development and imagination. Alternatively, older children who love to read will be more suited to chapter books, which boast engaging illustrations and exciting storylines to keep them enthralled all year.


3. New Pair of Shoes or Sandals 

When the time comes to choosing gifts for kids, there are few better options than a comfortable and durable pair of children’s shoes.

These necessities can transform how children feel as they go about their day, which is why finding the right fit and design is so important. Think about the child you are buying for in terms of the type of shoe you choose. For example, if the child in your life loves being outdoors and playing sports, then supportive, enclosed shoes will be greatly appreciated.

A new pair of shoes is an investment, so be sure to think carefully about the proper sizing and materials to ensure your kids get the most out of every wear.


4. Piggy Banks 

Money can feel like one of the more impersonal gifts for kids, but when done correctly, it can be a valuable life lesson and a well-received present!

A piggy bank is a fantastic way to help children understand the value of money and begin learning how to budget and save their pennies. In fact, introducing these concepts from an early age is proven to help children better understand mathematical concepts and manage money later in life.

You can continue the learning opportunities throughout the year with pocket money or chore lists that benefit both your child and your family.


5. Kid-Sized Chair or Bean Bag 

Everyone loves having a special place to take time out and relax. Gifting your children a kid-sized chair or beanbag offers them exactly that.

 Whether they want to read their favourite book or relax with some STEM toys, these furniture pieces make beautiful gifts for kids. Lightweight, colourful, and easy to put together, kid’s chairs and beanbags are a fun way to introduce a bit of your child’s personality into your home décor.


Find Quality Gifts for Kids at Bobux 

At Bobux, we know how important it is to find the right shoes to support your child’s growth. That is why each of our designs is made with expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials to complement each stage of your child’s development.

 So, if you are excited to learn more about how shoes can be the perfect gifts for kids, you can explore our diverse collections online or contact our team today via our online enquiry form.