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Fall Fashion for Kids by Raising Rowells


Fall Fashion for Kids by Raising Rowells

This week, Mommy Blogger Raising Rowells is sharing her favorite fall looks with her adorable daughter, Layla and her handsome son, Asa.

Meet the Rowells

Our biggest adventure is the place we call home – Kentucky! Five years ago, we made the decision to move our tiny family. So, we packed up and drove nine hours from Maryland to Kentucky. I was pursuing a degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising, and my husband, a career in the NFL. I had no idea that one day soon I’d be a stay-at-home mom of two, turned kids fashion blogger & influencer. There is never a dull moment in this life of ours – and our little ones keep us on our toes! We are always busy, but we are so greatly blessed!


I’ve always loved fashion, but there is something special about styling your own children. My style five years ago doesn’t even compare to what I pick out now. Kentucky is known for its undeniable, natural, beauty – and I believe that is when my taste in clothing started to change. The colors I’m drawn to, are those found in nature. The patterns are soft and neutral. The materials natural and organic.


Our five-year-old, Layla, has a passion for fashion! Dresses are her favorite statement piece. She loves to spin and twirl! Bobux makes the perfect style of boots to combine with dresses, jeans or leggings. Layla chose the Shire Gold Bobux Leather Boots because they go with everything in her closet. The shimmery gold adds the perfect amount of glam to her outfits!


Bobux Gold Shire BootsBobux Gold Shire BootsBobux Signet Boots


Our eight-month-old Asa is a little busy bee! He’s always on the move and is learning to stand on his own. I knew I needed a shoe that would protect his little feet as they mature, but that was also flexible to support him in every movement. Bobux makes the perfect shoe for little ones that are learning new things every day! I never have to worry about him kicking them off because they are secure and comfortable. His Desert Soft Soles also keep his little toes warm.



Fall Favorites

Fall is our favorite time of year. Fashion is more exciting, happenings are more exciting, and who doesn’t love all the things Fall brings. Vibrant trees, bonfires, pumpkin patches, sweater weather and adorable footwear! It is easy to find cute shoes – but it is hard to find cute shoes that won’t harm or hurt your children’s feet. That is why we love Bobux! We took a trip to a local farm to show you just how comfortable and durable these shoes really are. Come along with us!




These shoes bend and flex with every move she makes! She’s never in a hurry to take them off! Whether running, jumping or climbing – Bobux shoes will hold up the their quality and standard through your little ones adventure!




I’d love to have you follow our lifelong adventure of living in beautiful Kentucky! For more fashion inspiration, follow me on Instagram @raisingrowells.

Guest blog from Lydia Rowell