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10 Facts about Children's Feet You Didn't Know

10 Children’s Feet Facts that You Didn’t Know

As experts in providing quality children’s footwear, we at Bobux know how amazing children’s feet can be!


To help you appreciate the incredible journey your little one experiences as they grow and develop, we have put together 10 of the most relevant children’s feet facts you should remember when shopping for quality footwear and shoes for kids


1. Bones Take Up to 13 Years to Fully Develop

One of the most important children’s feet facts to be aware of is that the little bones in your children’s feet don’t fully develop for up to 13 years after birth. This is why it is essential to find the right fit and shoes for kids to provide the necessary support they need to reach their full potential during each developmental stage.


2. Your Child’s Feet Grow the Fastest in the First 3 Years 

Any parent will tell you that their children go through shoes at an incredible speed. Well, our children’s feet facts can explain why. During the first three years of life, your children’s feet can grow up to 9 sizes before they even hit the 4-year mark. Therefore, they need flexible, comfortable shoes to help them get to grips with their constantly changing bodies. 


3. A Quarter of Your Bones Are in Your Feet

Out of the 206 bones in our bodies, 52 of them can be found in our feet. As your child’s bones continue to develop, it can look like they have flat feet because they are still growing and, therefore, flexible. Choosing shoes for kids can go a long way to offering your child the support they need as they grow and develop. 


4. There are 2 Large Bones in the Feet that Support Our Body Weight  

Given this massive task of supporting their body weight as they learn to walk, run, jump, and play, it is essential to support the development of children’s feet with the proper footwear, especially when choosing shoes for flat feet kids. 


5. It Can Be More Tiring to Stand Still! 

Children actually use more muscles in their feet and legs when standing still. However, their weight and effort are distributed across more muscles when they walk or play, taking the pressure off their little feet. 


6. Kid’s Feet Manage More Stress than Adults 

This is one of the more interesting children’s feet facts to keep in mind. Your little one is taking on about three times more stress than the average adult foot because of their high activity levels and participation in more high-impact activities. As such, children should wear shoes that are built for shock absorption, with durable, comfortable soles to support their growth. 


7. Children’s Feet Sweat a Lot

Did you know that children’s feet sweat about 2 to 3 times more than adults? This is part of why kid’s go through shoes much faster, as the sweating will affect the materials and the shoe’s longevity. 


8. Size Does Matter

This is perhaps one of the most important children’s feet facts. If your child is wearing shoes too small, it can decrease foot circulation and cause blisters and ingrown toenails, creating much discomfort. If the shoes are too big, they hinder your little one as they try to walk and move, risking the potential of injury. To find the perfect fit for your child, check out our Bobux sizing and fitting guide


9. Walking is the Best Exercise for Your Feet

Not only is walking a great way to boost circulation and burn calories, but it is also a fantastic way to exercise your children’s feet and help them build strength to grow and develop. Of all our children’s feet facts, this one is a great one to remember for the whole family! 


10. Quality Footwear as a Child Promotes Healthy Adult Feet

Poorly fitting shoes all but guarantee that your child will experience discomfort and potential foot problems that can carry through to adulthood. That is why choosing durable, flexible designs with the right fit are so important, particularly when selecting shoes for fee kids. 


Prepare & Protect Your Children’s Feet with Bobux 

Knowing these valuable children’s feet facts will ensure that your little one gets the support they need from their footwear. From choosing your child’s first pair to finding the specific shoes for kids, we have a design for every child at Bobux. 


To learn more about our quality collections and how they can protect and nurture your children as they grow, contact our team today and submit an online enquiry via our website. 


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