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Dinner Recipe Ideas Your Kids Will Love



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Dinner Recipe Ideas Your Kids Will Love

At times, life can be pretty funny, like when I’m forced to emit strange airplane impressions from my mouth, swing a teaspoon from side to side and pray my son will open his mouth and eat the slop this time.

I’m sure I’m not alone.

But the funny side quickly wears off, leading to frustration and a long-term ordeal if not managed properly. The good news is: there are creative ways to help solve this problem and get the better of your little ‘uns fussy eating habits.Getting your kids’ diet right is important for their energy and healthy development. It’s about juggling that balance between tasty and healthy, because kids often have trouble accepting that the two can go hand-in-hand.

That’s what this week’s post is all about … dinner recipes your kids will love, crammed full of goodness and flavour.

Master of disguise

A lot comes down to the art of disguise, with a dash of compromise and a sprinkle of hope.

Disguising healthy food with familiar looking dishes often works a treat. Think tofu bites, asparagus on pizza or broccoli dip with crispbread. Here are a few of our favourite disguises that’ll make you feel like a master of food disguise.

Zucchini fritters

These are so much healthier than hash browns and dead easy to make. Most recipes allow you to mix together most of the ingredients in a bowl and then simply scoop them out onto the frying pan. This SBS recipe is a little more jazzed up.

stack of zucchini fritters Image courtesy of POPSUGAR.

Polenta Chips

Cut up some polenta into the shape of fries and watch the kids lap them up. They’re a slightly healthier alternative to the regular version and fun to make too. These Donna Hay versions are ridiculously tasty; she adds chicken stock, ricotta and sage salt for a gourmet edge.


These dishes have been in circulation for generations and in the process they’ve almost become folklore, family favourites that transcend taste or health.

Mac & Cheese / Pasta Bakes / Lasagne

Even the name sounds fun. Get your bake off with these ever-popular bakes and let the oven do most of the work as you sit back and relax and let the aromas waft through the house.

cheese casserole for kids

Spaghetti and meatballs

Spaghetti is a staple in most homes because it’s fun and tasty … and easy for us to make. To make this dish healthier, try putting chopped spinach and mushrooms into the meatballs.

spaghetti on plate with meatballs


A different stance on the good old fashioned burger, sliders are bite-size burgers that the kids can customize. Like burgers, you can put all the separate ingredients on the table and let the kids make them themselves for a messy food extravaganza.

mini burger sliders for kids

Baked potato

Another popular choice for kids, which allows you and them some creative freedom to choose their filling. It can be fun to take turns with your kids so that you choose an ingredient, then they choose, and so on. That way you can reach a (slightly) healthy compromise.

Outside the box

This section gets kids eating through interactive and colourful methods.


Taco nights are always a fun, family affair. Grate some cheese, chop some lettuce, make a guacamole, add some capsicum or cucumber and heat some mince or beans. Tacos are perfect because they’re interactive, which translates to messy. And what kid doesn’t like to get their hands dirty?


Homemade pizza finds itself in this category because of the numerous topping options and the fun preparation time. Your kids will love helping you make the pizza, especially if you have a pizza stone.

piece of pizza with cheese

Savoury Pancakes

It’s rare to meet a kid who doesn’t like pancakes. They’re a great choice for brekkie or lunch. But there are savoury versions you can cook for a dinner treat too, like these spinach and feta pancakes.

Green smoothie

Smoothies aren’t exactly a dinner either but they can provide some extra goodness when accompanying a light meal. The great thing about smoothies is their versatility. You can put all manner of fruit and vegetables into them. Green smoothies in particular are packed full of goodness.

green smoothie with slice of orange

So what are your household staples? Make sure you post your family’s favourites below. And for some more food for thought, check out our latest range of Bobux shoes!