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The 5 Developmental Stages of Your Kid’s Feet | Bobux


Change is a natural part of life, especially if we listen to Winston Churchill, who once proclaimed that: “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”


That may have applied well to English politics circa World War II but it may be a bit of a stretch in terms of feet. With that logic, every child’s feet would be the embodiment of nirvana. That’s because kid’s feet change sooooo much, as you’ll soon read.


This week, we’re exploring the different stages of kid’s feet development. To make it easier for you, we thought we’d break it down into the key development stages.


Did you know? Our feet have 26 bones (that’s ¼ of all the bones in the human body), 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments.



In this initial stage, your munchkin’s feet will look like cute, little balls of softness, a bit like an oddly shaped, steamed dim sum. That’s because their feet haven’t developed bones yet. It’s all just spongy cartilage. Their lil’ soles will be flat too, as the arches under their foot have yet to develop either.


In their first year, a baby’s foot grows around three whole sizes (around 2.5cm) and it’s important to allow them to grow without constrictions. Even tight-fitting socks can impact kids foot growth at this early stage. If you’re after shoes, try getting some that are specially designed for newborns, such as our soft sole range..



Crawlers' feet are mostly cartilage, with just the beginnings of tiny bones. Newborn feet are so malleable that rigid shoes or even tight-fitting socks could affect their healthy development. Bobux Soft Soles are made from flexible leather to protect little feet while giving their feet the freedom to develop naturally. Featuring a soft suede sole, an unlined leather upper and an elasticated ankle to keep kids from kicking them off!


Here, we’re referring to that 1 to 2-year-old age, where your baby will crawl around on their hands and knees before they start to cruise, in which they (sometimes comically) attempt to grab onto furniture or to you, dear parent, in their attempt to stand on their own.



Delicate is the ideal word to describe your kid’s feet during the crawling stage. While they’re still too young to stand, you may wish to kit your little angel out in some type of soft, lightweight footwear to prevent their feet getting damaged when they’re out and about. From this stage, until they’re five or so, your kid’s feet will likely grow around 2 sizes a year.



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First Walkers

Because kids develop at different rates, they may take their first steps anywhere between 9-18 months. A cheesier blog might say that this is because standing is quite a feet in itself. But we won’t. What we will say is that this is the time to think seriously about getting some walking shoes, especially once your kid becomes more confident about being on their own two feet.



Because your cherub’s feet grow rapidly during this time, with bones forming like they’re going out of fashion, you’ll want to pay extra close attention to your kid’s shoes and whether they still fit. At least every couple of months we reckon.


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Between the ages of 2-4, your kid will be growing like Jack’s beanstalk, feet included. Their feet bones will be forming nicely, the joints fusing together, the muscles toning up. There are a lot of milestones to enjoy during this phase. They’ll start to run, walk up and down stairs unassisted, walk on tiptoes and more.


This is a good time to try out some new styles…maybe those mary janes with the adorable floral pattern you’ve had your eye on all season, or some casual shoes, slippers, sandals etc.




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By the time they’re ready to start school (how time flies doesn’t it?), your kid’s feet will have changed dramatically. They’ll be running around, playing all manner of sports and concocting wacky outdoor games that only kids’ vivid imaginations can.


By this point, they should be familiar with the feeling of shoes. However, this doesn’t mean you can neglect their feet. In fact, since they’re on their feet more than ever before, they’ll require some school shoes and casual shoes that are breathable, supportive and flexible.


From the age of five, right up until their mid-teens, their feet will continue to grow at around one size each year.


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So there you have it, our guide to helping you understand how your kid’s feet grow. We hope it’s been informative.


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