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Christmas Holiday Traditions for your Little Ones

Christmas Holiday Traditions for your Little Ones

It’s the time of year when memories are made and family traditions are created.

To get you in the festive spirit and add a sense of adventure to the occasion, we’ve gathered a few ideas you might like to try with your little ones…


Ice Lanterns

A fun activity and delightful decoration whether it lasts a long time or melts quickly if you’re celebrating in the summer months.

What you’ll need:

  • Tin cans- 2 sizes

  • Tape

  • Water

  • Pieces of nature

  • Stones

Step 1: Fill up your larger can, a little less than halfway with water. If you add too much, just pour some out!


Step 2: Fill the smaller can with stones and place it in the center of the larger can. Tape the cans to anchor the smaller can in the center of the larger can. Make sure the smaller can isn’t tipping to one side or your lantern will have one very thin side. 


Step 3: Place your pieces of nature into the water. We used various types of evergreens and berries to create festive colour. 


Step 4: Place your lanterns in the freezer or outside if it’s cold enough.


Step 5: Once your ice lanterns are frozen, peel the tape off and take the stones out of the smaller can. Gently run warm water around the larger can and fill the smaller can with warm water as well. Melt just enough of the ice to wiggle the cans free from the lantern. Don’t let the warm water sit too long or it might melt too much of the lantern. Place a flameless tea light inside of them and enjoy the beautiful glow.



Strawberry Santas

If you’re lucky enough to have strawberries in season, these little treats are festive and delicious.


  • 20 Large Strawberries, hulled for a flat base

  • 100g light cream cheese

  • 4-6 teaspoons of icing sugar

  • 40 mini choc chips


  • Cut a third off the top of each berry and set to one side

  • Mix cream cheese and icing sugar until smooth

  • Pipe or spoon one teaspoon of cream onto the flat berry top and place the reserved berry tops on top.

  • Use a small piping nozzle to pipe a dollop on top for pom pom and in the centre for a button.

  • Use tweezers to place two choc chips onto the cream for eyes.

  • Yum

Reindeer Food Recipe


A great tradition to build excitement and anticipation around Santa’s arrival.



  • Raw uncooked oats

  • Sugar cookie sprinkles

  • 1 cup mixed seeds or wild 

  • birdseed

  • Brown paper bags

  • Ribbon in festive holiday colors

  • Paper for the printable tags



  • Evenly divide the oats, seeds and sprinkles into each brown paper bag.

  • (Don’t use glitter or anything plastic that would be harmful for birds or animals.)

  • Close the bag with a piece of ribbon and shake to mix.

  • After you put out the milk and cookies for Santa, head outside to sprinkle this magic reindeer food on the snow or your lawn.