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5 Christmas Activities For Toddlers or Young Children

5 Christmas Activities for Toddlers or Young Children 

Christmas is a time for festive fun with family and friends! This holiday season is especially magical when you have little ones around you, and getting involved with various toddler Christmas activities is a great way to introduce some creativity and imagination to the younger members of your family without breaking the bank.

However, it can sometimes take time to find inspiration on where to start. So, our team at Bobux have created a one-stop shop activity list to help you bring a bit of Christmas spirit to your home!


1. Decorate a Christmas Felt Tree 

Everyone loves decorating the family Christmas tree, but things can get messy when you try to do so with toddlers and young children!

That is why a felt Christmas tree is the perfect way to include the whole family in the Christmassy fun. Felt trees are a fantastic choice for toddler Christmas activities as they allow young children to explore their fine motor control and creativity without interacting with potentially hazardous materials, such as electric lights or glass ornaments. Once you have your tree set up, give your toddler a selection of small ornaments, such as mini pom poms, sequins, and buttons, to decorate the tree with.

Fun-filled and risk-free, this is one of the simple Christmas activities for a toddler that you can enjoy every year (until they’re old enough for the real thing).


2. Make Gingerbread Play Dough 

Gingerbread is a classic staple of Christmas for families around the world. Why not combine this festive favourite with one of the most beloved activities for toddlers and young children – play dough!

There are many great recipes for gingerbread-styled play dough, most of which can be enjoyed by all family members. Once the playdough is ready, let your toddler use cookie cutters, rolling pins, and other small kitchen utensils to play with the dough and create their own gingerbread shapes.

Not only is the physical making of the play dough one of the great toddler Christmas activities out there, but playing with the result will create various festive experiences to enjoy (and consume) for days after.


3. Design Your Own Christmas Tree Ornaments 

Home-made Christmas tree ornaments provide a fun and unique twist on family decorations. There are many different ornaments that you can do with your toddler, such as painting pinecones, making salt dough ornaments, or creating paper plate wreaths. Simply choose a craft appropriate for your toddler's age and skill level and let their creativity shine. They will have a blast making their own ornaments and earn a sense of pride and joy from seeing their creations on the tree each year.


4. Christmas Wreath Crafts and Activities for Toddlers

If you are looking for Christmas activities for your toddler, why not explore crafts and creations inspired by the iconic Christmas wreath? Using various age-appropriate materials and techniques, your child can create their version of a Christmas wreath to highlight their own unique style and holiday spirit.

Like many toddler Christmas activities and crafts, these wreath creations can be done with simple household items, including paper, crayons, scissors, and glue. You can even go the extra mile by adding festive decorations like stickers, glitter, tinsel and ribbon. Whatever your preference, this simple Christmas craft idea is a great way to help children of all ages get in the holiday mood.



5. Enjoy a Christmas Themed Colouring Book 

Colouring is a relaxing yet stimulating experience for children and adults alike. So, why not inject some Christmas flair into your daily colouring experiences and choose a Christmas-themed colouring book to complement your toddler Christmas activities?


Whether it is an image of Santa and his Elves or a beautiful snowy landscape, your little ones can explore many Christmas images. These colouring activities will not only help to spark festive fun, but they will also help to improve your toddler’s fine motor control and colour recognition.


Support Active Christmas Activities with Bobux 

Getting involved in Christmas activities for toddlers is a great way to ensure that every family member is included in the festive celebrations. Whether you are getting creative inside or exploring the seasonal wonders of nature, our team at Bobux knows how important it is to provide your kids with the support they need to grow and develop.

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