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What are the Best Shoes For Preschool?

What Are The Best Shoes For Preschool? 

So many questions come to mind when purchasing your little one’s shoes for preschool. Should I be investing in the most expensive brand? Do I opt for hook and loop, buckles or laces? Do the cheaper brands offer enough support? When kids are active and running around at preschool, you want to ensure that their feet are comfortable and supported all day. Preschool can be demanding on little feet, which need protection and tailored support to avoid injuries. 


Children’s feet continue to develop right up until puberty. A good pair of shoes will guide the foot through the development stages, as adequate support works to protect the feet as they grow. Without efficient support, your child is at risk of facing medical complications later in life.


Finding the right pair of shoes for your preschooler can be overwhelming and complex… That’s why we’re here to help with our top tips and tricks! 

What Are The Best Shoes For Preschool?

Starting preschool can be full on and stressful for parents, as they rush to find the best gear, at the affordable prices. Starting preschool is an exciting time for a budding little one, amongst shopping for new clothing, school bags, lunch boxes and sun hats, make sure that appropriate preschool shoes are also on the list. 


When it comes to fitting your kids’ in shoes for preschool, there are a few key considerations.  


Preschool kids are highly active, while their feet are developing at a rapid pace, causing the need for shoes that are supportive of their development. We recommend selecting a shoe that has an appropriate structure but is also flexible and allows natural movement. Kids shoes need to be protective and most importantly comfortable! As our kids spend lots of time on their feet at this age, it is highly essential that we adequately fit them into a quality pair of shoes. We suggest investing in shoes that are constructed with premium materials in order to create long lasting outcomes that are durable.  


To learn more about how Bobux shoes help foster your child's healthy foot development, check out our Stages, Not Ages guide. 


Generally, kids aged 3-4 who are heading to preschool will suit the I-Walk range of shoes which are specifically designed for preschoolers who are confident walkers. The I-Walk range is designed with added durability for active kids who are at preschool, or preschool and reflects the unique shape of toddler’s feet at this stage of development.


What To Look For In Preschool Shoes?

When choosing the right pair of preschool shoes, it is important to ensure the following characteristics in order to guide their natural development:


  • Durable & Protective Flexible Sole

Children at this age are highly active, leading to the need for shoes that support their every movement. Feet are the foundation for the whole body, with doctors expressing that the majority of foot problems experienced during adulthood arise from poorly fitted shoes as a child. A durable sole allows for long lasting support, despite hours of wear and activity. It is important to purchase your kids new shoes once the sole becomes worn out, to allow for optimal support. Bobux shoes are specifically designed with a flexible sole to allow natural movement and growth. 


  • Support & Structure

Babies are only born with 22 bones in their feet, as opposed to an adult who has 26. As the 4 remaining bones continue to develop slowly, it is significantly important that we fit our kids’ in shoes that support this ongoing growth. Supportive shoes allow for natural bone development in your children's feet. Bobux has a range of kids sneakers, kids boots and kids sandals with tailored support for little feet without being rigid and restricting. 


  • The Right Fit, While Allowing Growing Room

Children’s feet grow and develop so rapidly, often resulting in parents frequently needing to update their kids' shoes. When fitting kids shoes, check that you have the right sizing, we suggest allowing for an adult thumb width between the end of the longest toe and the edge of the shoe. This creates sufficient growing room for kids feet while maintaining adequate support. View the sizing guide to find your perfect Bobux size!


  • Breathability 

Breathable shoes have generally been constructed with materials that allow air and water vapor to escape from within the shoe, while in turn allowing cool air from the outside to enter. This feature works to decrease foot sweat, preventing fungal or bacterial infections of the foot. Bobux shoes are constructed from premium leather which has natural breathability properties to keep feet fresh and minimise those bad kids feet smells after a long day. 

The Best Shoe Styles For Preschool

When shopping for the right pair of shoes for your Preschooler, it is important to find a solution that supports them in all activities. Kids sneakers and trainers are a popular choice for preschool. View the range of girls sneakers and boys sneakers in a variety of colours and styles for every outfit. 


Check out a few of our favourite classic and fashionable style of Bobux shoes: 


  • Grass Court trainers are the ideal everyday shoe for your Preschooler. Available in a range of colours, the sneaker has been constructed with premium leather allowing for long lasting outcomes despite extensive wear. Featuring a double strap closure, the trainers provide your little one with convenient wear while ensuring that their foot is secure and protected from injury. 
  • Jodhpur is the perfect kids boots if you’re looking for style, practicality and comfort all in one. Crafted with luxurious leather, this heritage boot has been a classic feature amongst Bobux collections due to its great popularity amongst parents. These perfect boots for girls and boots for boys can be worn to the playground or on your next adventure, guaranteeing support and style with your every move! 
  • Port is a popular choice amongst parents and Preschoolers, due to its easy wear and comfortable fit. Featuring a double strap fastening, the dress shoe can be adjusted to suit your child's individual foot width, allowing for premium support in their development. Constructed with ultra-soft leather lining and a padded heel, this shoe is sure to keep your young ones comfortable despite hours of activity in the school yard.  

Soft Sole Baby Shoes For Daycare

A baby's foot contains more cartilage than bone, which over time develops into adult bones. The first 3 years of a child's life are the most detrimental to their development, creating the need for soft sole shoes that fit properly. The soft sole works to support their natural movements, allowing them to experience their full range of motions while their feet remain protected from hazards.


Looking for a pair of suitable shoes for your little one to wear to daycare? Check out our range of Bobux Baby Shoes, the perfect solution to guide your young ones through their early stages of development. Our baby shoes feature an elastic stretch opening, accommodating for easy wear that is delicate on the feet. Constructed with premium leather and natural suede soft soles, your little ones can explore freely while their feet remain secure and protected. Our collection of baby shoes include a variety of unique and playful designs, offering a sweet statement to any outfit. A few of our favourites include the Tracks and Foxy.

Shop Durable & Stylish Kids’ Shoes At Bobux

Here at Bobux, we understand that the key to finding the perfect fit for your kids shoes is to always consider the functionality and shoe design! Each shoe within our bobux range has been podiatrist approved and designed to help guide the natural development of the feet. Our shoes are specially designed for little feet, not just any ordinary shoes made in kids sizes. Check out our wide range of soft sole baby shoes, and shoes for pre-schoolers to find the best fit for your child. 


Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff when purchasing your kids shoes. Offering convenience and accessibility for all, you can shop online or visit us in store, at a location closest to you.


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