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Best Materials For Kids Shoes

Best Materials For Kids Shoes


Choosing kids shoes constructed from the right materials for their needs is really important. Kids feet need support, breathability and flexibility, ensuring that their shoes are specifically constructed from quality materials has many benefits. So what is the best material for kids shoes? This depends on the style of shoe and the needs of the child. Generally natural materials such as leather, suede, cotton and rubber are great materials. 


There are several different commonly used materials for kids shoes:


  • Natural leather
  • Natural suede 
  • Synthetic leather
  • Rubber - commonly used for soles and for gumboots
  • Natural fiber such as cotton and bamboo
  • Synthetic fiber such as polyester and microfibre
  • Merino wool


Below we dive deeper into the materials used in Bobux shoes and why they are best. 


Natural Leather and Suede Kids Shoes


The very first soft sole shoe by Bobux was made from carefully selected, high-grade leather and today leather is still the most common material used in our shoes. Our baby shoes, kids sandals, kids sneakers and kids boots include styles that feature premium leather for the ultimate comfort and breathability. Our team visits tanneries to select special grades of leather that are softer and more flexible for easy and free movement. Flexibility and comfort are at the core of our shoes, and natural leather allows for natural movement and gently molds to the shape of your child's foot over time, resulting in a custom fit


Not all leathers are created equal, some leathers offer different characteristics and we use each in a way that it contributes to the overall composition of the shoe. We use a variety of leathers to achieve different looks, finishes and textures alongside designs that are carefully crafted to showcase the premium quality of the material. Our leathers are also chosen because they are durable, your little girls sneakers and boys sneakers will last without getting worn out and nasty like synthetic leathers can. Breathability is also important to prevent kids feet smells, leather has natural breathability and antibacterial properties to wick away moisture and prevent smells. 


Suede is also used in our kids shoes as a lining and for decorative features on our soft soles. Due to the softness of suede, it is perfect as a lining. 


Rubber is the Best Material For Kid Shoe Soles


Bobux kids shoes including the Xplorer, Step Up, I-Walk and Kid+ ranges utilise a rubber combination sole for flexibility, shock absorption, durability and comfort. Toddlers and children should not wear rigid hard bottom shoes which can be harmful for their foot health. 


The Best Textiles For Kids Shoes


When looking for lightweight shoe options for kids, textiles are a great choice. However, ensure that you are choosing quality materials specifically for kids shoes. Bobux has developed a range of exclusive textiles including bamboo seen in our Seedling shoes and our exclusive knit  which is designed specially for Bobux in partnership with materials specialists at the Auckland University of Technology. Hundreds of hours of research, design and testing went into creating knits that were both durable enough to follow every adventure and flexible enough to give kids a free range of movement. Our Playknit collection features smart knit construction creates a single high-strength, lightweight upper with customisable lacing and allows natural flex, and is made from 100% recycled polyester knit. 


Merino Wool In Kids Shoes


As the colder months arrive, merino wool is the ultimate material for warmth and comfort. Merino wool is unlike any other wool, uniquely strong, super fine, durable and provides breathability that no other wool does. One of the most incredible characteristics of Merino wool is its ability to regulate temperature, keeping little feet cool in the summertime and snuggly warm in the winter. It is rare to find stylish boots for kids that include natural wool as a lining, but at Bobux, we do not skimp on the best materials. 


Bobux Exclusive Materials and Innovations


Wondering how we managed to craft waterproof boots and shoes that are truly comfy for kids’ feet, support natural foot development, and actually keep the water out? We’ll let you in on the secret. Our Waterproof Collection styles have a hidden waterproof membrane - SplashTEX® to keep the water out. We’ve also added a protective coating to our premium leather. It’s scuff-resistant and water-repellent to keep growing feet dry and healthy in rain, dew, puddles and mud.

Support Health Development With Bobux Soft Soles


Dive into the world of Bobux shoes, and discover the many benefits of choosing kids shoes constructed from the finest materials. Shop the range online today and discover more helpful articles and information on the Bobux blog:


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