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The Best Kids Shoes in Every Style

Guide to the Best Kids Shoes in Every Style!

Finding the best shoes for your little one can be a challenging endeavour with countless styles, brands, materials and sizes available. We are here to help you find the best kids shoes in every style for your child whether they are a newborn, first walker or active child and everything in between. Bobux are the experts when it comes to kids foot health, our shoes are podiatrist approved and specially designed for natural growth. 


When looking for kids shoes, there are a number of things to look out for including:


  • The durability of the shoe, especially for older kids and active toddlers who are out and about.
  • Support throughout the whole foot. Support is important for little feet, although this does not mean they need rigid shoes.
  • Breathability. We all know that kids foot smell can be an issue. Choosing a breathable shoe will minimise nasty odour.
  • Flexibility is important when choosing a kids shoe. We want kids shoes to allow natural growth and movement, especially for babies.
  • Sizing - kids shoe sizing can be confusing but with simple techniques you can find your kids shoe size in a breeze. 
  • Of course - style, kids shoes ought to look as good as they feel!


Whilst keeping the above in mind, different shoe styles such as sandals vs boots there are different areas to look for in choosing the best kids shoe. Features can differ between styles and our guide to the best kids shoes in every style will help you find the Read on below to discover:



The Best Boots For Kids

Boots are a winter essential for kids. Keeping those little toes warm and dry whilst out and about is a must. There is nothing worse than coming home with damp feet and frozen toes. 


When looking for the best boots for kids, material definitely matters. Kids boots should be constructed from quality durable materials such as innovative Quickdry™ leather that resists water absorption for faster drying. What is inside the boot also matters and helps keep kids feet dry and comfortable. Choosing a boot with lining such as wool will mean optimal warmth and protection. 



Discover premium and stylish kids boots at Bobux. It is also important to consider the adjustability and fit of kids boots to ensure they stay on little feet. Our range of kids boots such as the Jodhpur boot is a classic leather boot featuring elasticised sides for easy slip on and slip off which also stays on. Also discover the Desert boot and Timber boot which feature hook-and-loop adjustable straps for the perfect fit for narrow or wide feet. For the ultimate fleece lined kids boots, you can’t go wrong with the Timber Arctic boots.


Finding the best boots for kids is easy at Bobux! Discover the full range of boots for girls and boots for boys online, rest assured that Bobux shoes are podiatrist approved and specifically designed for growing feet. Available in a range of classic colours including navy, black and tan, Bobux's range of kids boots are a must have!


Choosing the Best Kids Sandals For Summer

When looking for the best summer sandals for kids, it’s all about summer style, comfort and breathability. Summer is time for fun and adventures, which calls for the right kids sandals that can keep up with those adventures without restricting the foot. Children's feet are so malleable that rigid shoes or even tight-fitting socks can stifle their growth. Flip flops and unsupportive sandals are not recommended for children as they are not supportive and not designed for growing feet. 


Choosing the best sandals for your child depends on the circumstances. The Summit sandal is designed to be a force-field between feet and rugged terrain, making it the ultimate sandal for summer. A great sandal for everyday wear would be a durable leather sandal with closed toes for protection and flexibility. The Roam sandal by Bobux is a classic style leather sandal with adjustable straps and a comfortable footbed. The open-toe Driftwood sandal with fully adjustable front and back straps make it the best sandals for breathability and support - perfect for weddings and parties. Bobux sandals cater for narrow and wide feet and feature ultra-soft leather that is delicate on skin. Available in classic colours and charming designs, trust Bobux for all your kid's sandals needs for toddlers up to kids 8 years old. Shop the range of girls sandals and boys sandals featuring flattering styles and colours that are great for all occasions!


What Sneakers Are Best For Active Kids?


Active kids need sneakers that support their every step. Whether going to school or out for the day, kids sneakers and trainers are essential in every little ones’ shoe collection. The best sneakers for active kids are sneakers that are breathable and wick away any moisture as well as resistant to scuffs and marks. Bobux created a range of boys sneakers and girls sneakers which are durable and ready for any adventure!


For first walkers, their trainers need to be lightweight and bendy to encourage confident walking. The Dimension II sneaker by Bobux is the best sneaker for first walkers and toddlers finding their feet. The Dimension II is a highly flexible performance shoe with an ultra-lightweight durable sole and lets kid's little feet breathe comfortably. The wrap-around collar with elastic attachment keeps their feet secure when out and about. For toddlers and kids who need a stylish sneaker option the Grass Court sneaker is the best must-have sneaker style loved by many worldwide. It is a street-styled trainer perfect for everyday wear, featuring premium leather contrasted with a speckled sole. The easy double strap velcro closure ensures an easy secure fit. A cotton knit lining and padded heel make the Grass Court as comfortable as it is cool. Suitable for active kids, this style fits true to size. Shop all kids sneakers online now!


What Soft Sole Shoes are Best For Babies?


While there are many baby and newborn shoes now available on the market, the best babies shoes are soft sole shoes made from flexible and breathable materials that allow for natural movement and development. Babies often need shoes for daycare, pram rides and just a little protection.. 


Bobux designed the original Soft Sole for babies which has been loved by many families. Specifically designed for babies newborn to two years old, Bobux Soft Soles protect delicate feet and are also super cute! Inspire young imaginations with Bobux Soft Sole shoes. The best shoes for babies are Bobux Soft Soles!


Browse the vast range of kids shoes at Bobux and rest assured that all our shoes are designed with foot health at the forefront. Discover the best boots, sandals, sneakers and more for even the fussiest little one. Shop kids shoes online at Bobux today, and find out more about foot health at the Bobux blog. Read our other articles including:


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