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The Best Toddler Shoes for Boys and Girls



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The Best Toddler Shoes for Boys and Girls
Toddlers are constantly on the go. Whether they are using their toes to move themselves across the floor as they cruise and crawl or when they take their first tentative steps, their feet are quite different from those of adults and even small children. A soft-soled shoe gives them the stability they need without binding their feet or causing growth abnormalities. They also provide the grip a toddler needs as they begin to become more mobile.

The Uniqueness of Toddler Feet

A toddler's foot is still quite round. Much like an infant's foot, a toddler's foot still has a lot of fleshy area on both the top and the bottom. Part of this is due to the fact that they are using their feet in many ways and it isn't just the soles of their feet touching the ground. They will use their toes and the sides of their feet to push themselves up to a sitting or standing position. As a toddler's foot continues to develop, they are used more for stability and to gain momentum as they begin to walk and then run.

The Drawbacks of Rigid Toddler Shoes

Placing a toddler in shoes that are too tight or rigidly constructed can be very uncomfortable for the child. Tightness around the toes can also result in abnormal growth patterns or tightness around the heel can cause the child to develop an abnormal walking pattern. If shoes are too loose, the child loses the stability they need to walk correctly. So it’s very important that you fit your toddlers with shoes that fit securely without binding or confining their toes. These type of shoes will ultimately restrict the movement of their feet.

Cute Black Toddler Boy Shoes Bobux Lo Dimension

The Bobux Benefits

Bobux produces soft-soled shoes that are designed to fit the unique features of a toddler's small but ever transitioning feet. The shoes in our Soft Sole, I-Walk and Dimension series are made from extremely durable, lightweight materials, ensuring the soles are soft enough to be flexible but strong enough to provide the support and stability the toddler needs to walk, as nature intended. As your child's foot continues to grow and develop, they need a shoe that will grow with them and move with them, without restricting their movements. Bobux shoes are designed to do just that. When you are looking for your toddler's next pair of shoes, visit our online store to check out our latest sneakers, boots or sandals ranges. Every Bobux shoe is podiatrist endorsed and designed to properly support your child’s feet without being binding or confining in any way. The soft-soled I-Walk and Dimension series are created especially for a toddler's unique and still developing foot. The flexibility the shoes offer allow your toddler to move freely without binding or cramping their feet. Watching your toddler take their first steady steps will be a beautiful and rewarding sight!