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Baby Shower Gift Ideas You’ll Want to Keep

Buying the perfect baby shower gift can be a painstaking ordeal. You certainly don’t want to buy a gift that will be left to gather dust in the garage.

Why not give a gift that’s a little unexpected? It’s time to think outside the box! We’ve found some unique baby shower gifts that are bound to be a hit with any new mum.

1. Foreign Language Blocks

foreign language kids building blocks

These learning blocks from Uncommongoods are available in Spanish, French, Italian or Mandarin to make raising a bilingual baby as easy as uno, due, tres!

The blocks help babies learn to recognise characters, letters and words in another language while playing. Exposing young children to the alphabet early-on is great for brain development, even if they aren’t learning another language.

They’re handmade in Michigan and painted with non-toxic inks so babies can happily and safely suck away at them.

2. Foldup Stroller

stephen proctor new zealand foldup stroller

Stephen Procter is a Kiwi who moved to Australia to work as an industrial designer. In 2007, he created an innovative range of children’s essentials, including this fantastic fold-up stroller.

The stroller folds in half, making it a breeze to carry around and quickly store away. No longer will you have to sweat over trying to shove the stroller into the car boot!

3. Beaba Babycook

beaba babycook great baby shower gift idea

This baby food maker from Modern Nursery takes some of the pressure off busy mums by making food prep easy.

This one-of-a-kind device functions as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster that can be used to prepare healthy meals for your baby.

It steams veggies and fruits in less than 15 minutes before blending them into a more baby-friendly form. Anything that saves precious time is a good thing in our books.

4. Sushi Baby Swaddling Set

sushi blanket funny baby shower gift idea

With this funny sushi-themed swaddling set from Uncommongoods, the recipient's newborn will be a treat no-one can resist.

There’s nothing tacky about this food themed outfit as it’s carefully handmade in California from high quality material. The stretchy, breathable fabric will keep your friend’s bundle of joy comfortable.

A matching fish roe hat is bound to trigger giggles at the baby shower!

5. Star Shoes

bobux star shoes great baby shower gift

A baby shower isn’t complete without a stylish pair of shoes like our own. Check out these gender-neutral star shoes, which are practical and stylish, making them the perfect baby gift (especially for those mums-to-be who want to keep the baby’s sex a surprise for all).

These shoes are made from a soft leather and feature a suede sole that provides a non-slip surface so little ones can move around safely.

6. Collapsible Baby Bathtub

baby bathtub easy baby shower gift

This baby bathtub is certainly unique as it can recline, expand, drain, collapse and drip dry. What’s more, it adjusts to the growing needs of your baby, making transitioning between stages easy.

When it’s not in use, the tub can simply be folded up and stored away out of sight.

Buying the perfect gift for any occasion is always a tricky task but with these gift ideas you’re bound to impress!

At Bobux we don’t believe children’s gifts have to be boring. Find out how you can give a practical gift without sacrificing on style by browsing our range of prewalker baby shoes that make the perfect baby shower gift!