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Baby Shoes for Walking and Foot Development



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Baby Shoes for Walking and Foot Development

As your little one grows up, the gradual development of their feet from the baby stage to the toddler stage requires different levels of support. An infant's foot is not designed to bear weight but as the child transitions to a toddler, their feet begin to adapt. While they still take tentative steps, each step your kiddo takes not only builds strength, but also encourages flexibility and range of motion. Having the right shoes keeps your baby or toddler's feet comfortable while they are transitioning from one developmental stage to the next.


Shoes to Absorb the Impact

1. A child's foot is capable of handling much more stress than you would think. Since your little one is super active - jumping, running and performing a variety of high-impact activities - this can cause their feet to endure up to three times the stress than an adult foot. A child's shoe needs to be able to absorb the shock of the impact while still allowing them to move freely. Children are constantly on the move so having the right shoe is essential!


Size Always Matters

2. Shoes that don't fit properly can negatively affect how your child's foot develops. Shoes that are too small can restrict movement and prevent proper growth and shoes that are too large may result in an injury if your child's foot slips or slides inside. This can also damage the toes or cause stress-related injuries to the tendons, ligaments, and joints. If you are unsure if your child's shoes fit properly, visit our step-by-step sizing guide or have your podiatrist or a professional shoe salesman measure their foot.


It's Getting Hot in Here

3. Did you know a child's foot can sweat up to three times more than that of an adult? Continual exposure to sweat from the inside of your little one's shoe can actually cause the materials of the shoe to break down much faster and weaken the structure of the shoe. This can have a devastating impact on how the shoe supports the baby's foot and is another reason why it's good to let your child walk barefoot a few hours every day and allow their shoes can dry out.


The Benefits of Going Barefoot

4. Walking barefoot actually aids in natural foot development. When a child walks barefoot, their foot moves naturally without any restrictions. While shoes are beneficial, allowing your toddler to walk barefoot strengthens the muscles and skeletal structure of the foot. The feet are the foundation of the body so when their feet are given the room to develop naturally, this also supports the development of their ankles, knees, hips and back.


Toddler Soft Sole Shoes for Boys Bobux Camel Desert Boots


5. Why are Soft Soles the best shoes for a walking baby? The materials used to make best first baby shoes for walking are the key in their wearability. Leather, canvas, and lightweight materials used to make Soft Soles allow both baby and toddler's shoes to breathe naturally. Plastic materials simply don't breathe and often cause children's feet to sweat heavily. Soft Sole shoes and lightweight materials allow your toddler's foot to breathe, flex and move naturally.


They Grow FAST

6. A baby's foot grows fastest when they are small. Your child's foot starts changing almost immediately after birth. The older they get, the slower their feet change. As they begin to crawl and eventually learn to walk, their shoes will last longer and longer. With that in mind, you will have to constantly monitor their shoes and how they fit so you can replace them as soon as they begin to get snug or tight-fitting.Choosing the right soft sole shoe for your baby will help support their feet through the various stages of development. At Bobux, baby and toddler shoes are designed for every stage of a foot's development. Designed by podiatrists, Bobux shoes are made from lightweight, sturdy materials and will allow your child's foot to develop naturally. The I-Walk and Step Up ranges are designed to allow for both growth and comfort. Read more about how our Soft Sole baby shoes will help your child's feet to grow and develop naturally.


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