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Are Shoes Good Gifts For Kids?

Are Shoes Good Gifts for Kids?

When birthdays and Christmas approach, it is easy to struggle with finding new gift ideas for the children in your life. 

This year, why not choose a cute, fun, and practical gift? Kids’ shoes are a great gift option, with opportunities to explore and celebrate a child’s personality and support them as they grow into adults. 


You can find quality kids’ shoes, like sports shoes or stylish sandals, to delight and excite any child, from babies to primary schoolers.

Why Choose Kids’ Shoes for Your Next Gift

Every child needs a good pair of shoes – they are a necessary part of daily life to provide them with quality support and protection as they explore the world around them.


As a part of their development, many kids will have dozens of growth spurts, leaving them to go through seemingly endless pairs of shoes as they get bigger. And how many times have you seen your little ones come home covered in dirt and grime from their adventures outside, shoes and all?


This can take a toll on families as the costs mount.


Making kid’s shoes a fun gift could solve these problems. Not only will a child have access to sturdy, comfortable shoes, but they will become treasured items gifted to them by a person they love and appreciate. It will also help relieve some of the financial pressure for families who need to continuously upgrade shoe sizes!



Find the Perfect Kids Shoes Gift Every Time

Shopping for little feet can get tricky, particularly if you need to become more familiar with kids’ shoe sizes and designs. At Bobux, we have put together three helpful hints to ensure you find the right product every time!


1. Find the Right Foot Size

Even the most expertly crafted, visually stunning kids’ shoes will fall short if they don’t fit properly. Therefore, before any gift purchase, find out what size shoes fit the children in your life. Not only will this help guarantee comfort and support for their little feet, but it will also save you the trouble of managing returns and exchanging sizes!


When you shop online with us at Bobux, you can check our handy sizing and fitting guide to secure your child’s perfect footwear match.


2. Choose Kid’s Shoes for the Season

Girls Winter boots may not be received with enthusiasm if the temperature nears forty degrees Celsius. Finding footwear to match the season will not only appease aspiring fashionistas but also help provide them with the comfort kids need to go about their day.


Be sure to choose a gift made of quality materials and features designs that will maximise their appeal throughout the year. For example, leather sandals can be a fantastic gift for girls in summer, as the design lends itself to warmer days. At the same time, the materials provide full support and contribute to temperature control.


3. Check the Return Options on Kids Shoes

Kids’ feet grow at a rate of knots! Thanks to this, it is likely that your child’s feet may increase in size before you can present them with your gift. To prepare for this scenario, always check the return options on any kid’s shoes you plan to buy, as this will give you all the information you need to act quickly if the shoes don’t fit.


When you shop with kids’ shoe suppliers like Bobux, you can enjoy easy returns, exchanges and refunds if the shoes retain their original condition and the shoe box is intact. If you need a different size, we will happily exchange your purchase for another design of the same value or provide you with an online credit. Ultimately, we want you to find the perfect product so your child can get the most out of their gift!



Find Quality Kids Shoes Gifts at Bobux

Providing children with quality footwear is crucial to supporting their growth and development. That is why we at Bobux take such care with our children’s collections, adapting our designs to suit the varying stages of development so we can meet the needs of every child.


Additionally, a Bobux Gift Voucher is a great option if you are buying for a family/friends children. Leave the final footwear decision to the parents! To learn more about our range of kids’ shoes for your next gift option, contact us today by submitting an online enquiry, and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.