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6 Quick & Easy Date Night Ideas

Netflix-and-chilling is so 2015. Well, not really, but we love the idea of a proper date night…the type that combines butterfly-inducing excitement, a touch of nervous euphoria and a splash of originality.

Yet it’s hard to splurge on an all-out date night when you’re on a budget. We can’t all afford private helicopters to fly us to VIP events in the Hamptons every weekend.

Honestly, we don’t even want a private helicopter. There are so many fun and easy date night opportunities right on your doorstep, ideas that won’t cost you your monthly salary to pull off. And if you’re lucky, you might be able to pull off even more, if you get our drift…

To mix it up a little, we’ve divided our date night ideas into settings.



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Sometimes it’s not even necessary to leave the house. If you can create a cosy, warm, inviting atmosphere, then why not make use of this space? Invite your date round for a games night or to cook their favourite dish together.

You can also think about hosting a special movie session with all of their favourite snacks and films. Remember to keep a blanket close, the perfect snuggling aid.


Not just the refuge for pot-bellied, red-faced old men, many pubs still hold a romantic appeal. If you’re lucky enough to have one nearby, check out the upcoming events. Keep an eye out for live local music or pub quizzes in particular. Both are great ice-breakers.

Pop along to your pub even if there’s no event. You can shoot some pool, have a friendly chat and down a few beverages. That’s not a bad way to spend an evening. Plus, you’re supporting a local institution and a dying industry simultaneously.


The gardens in your city are a fantastic and interesting diversion to the normal hustle and bustle and a welcome change from the ubiquitous ‘dinner-and-movie’ date nights.

Take a picnic (some champagne always helps) and lie under the canopy of stars. Although we have no scientific proof about a correlation between stargazing and successful dates, studies have suggested that stargazing could make us kinder, which isn’t a bad result!

A lot of cities have outdoor cinemas in their gardens or on rooftops. These are excellent, inexpensive date night winners. Just make sure the film is to both your likings. You probably don’t want to accidentally book a double-bill slasher marathon.


A casual stroll through the city has many advantages. The atmosphere is electric, you get to find nooks and crannies you never knew existed, but perhaps the best part is that it’s virtually free. A stop for a riverside drink or gelato might help but that’s pretty much it.

If you want to glitz it up a bit, go explore some farmers’ markets and marvel at the plump stone fruits, delicious deli cheeses and floral displays. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, go to a palm reader to reveal both your futures. For the more culture inclined, there are plenty of museums and galleries, some of which should be free.


We’ve mentioned gardens already but the outdoors goes far beyond. Since this post is about quick and easy ideas, we propose a round of mini golf, a sure fire way for some laid back laughs.

Another fantastic date night idea is to find a pool that allows for R.E.M style night swimming. You’ll love splashing around; don’t be surprised if you spend hours there.

Venturing further afield, we suggest a giant, human-sized maze or an adventure playground, some of which stay open past twilight. The extravagant can try horseback riding, one of our all-time favourite date ideas.


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To you nit pickers, we know this isn’t a setting but hey, volunteering and altruism should transcend boundaries, right? Often overlooked when it comes to date nights, dog walking at your nearest animal shelter or helping out at a mission or soup kitchen in the city is a way to get to know your date better while doing something good.

The options are endless. Donate food to a shelter, read to the elderly, help paint a school, clean up a beach…better yet, choose a cause you both support and get stuck in. After all, there’s nothing sexier than helping those in need.


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