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5 Tips to Help You Dress Your Baby Like a Pro [Guest Post]



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5 Tips to Help You Dress Your Baby Like a Pro [Guest Post]

Find dressing & styling your baby a difficult task? In this post, Mim from shares her best tips for dressing your newborn baby.

I had no idea how time-poor I would be when I became a mum for the first time – nor did I realise how time-consuming dressing a newborn baby could be!

Mornings were always the most challenging time of my day. Some days, it was a struggle just to get myself cleaned up and dressed in something appropriate for the day, let alone get two kids ready for action!

I remember being pregnant with my first baby and fantasising about the fun we’d share hitting the shops for cute, perfectly co-ordinating outfits, dressing them up to the nines and capturing their ‘model-like’ images in a family photo album.

Ahh, how naive I was!

In reality, I did most of my shopping online during a middle-of-the-night baby feed which generally resulted in a delivery of mismatched outfits in the wrong sizes. When I tried to dress my two bundles of joy they squirmed, cried, rolled and ran around to the point that either buttons were incorrectly done up straight-jacket-style or someone’s bum was hanging out.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the whole experience and over the last few years, I’ve come up with a few ways to make my life easier dressing babies that aren’t too unbearable for them too. So here are my 5 easy tips for dressing a newborn baby:

1. Keep It Simple

When your baby has unleashed a poop'nado and you’re crammed into a baby changing room, you want to get them changed and be out of there as fast as possible. You do not want to be fussing around with too many buttons, bows, and layers, regardless of how pretty they might look.

I’d recommend keeping outfits with numerous layers for special occasions only. In the first 3 months, stick with onesies or two pieces where you can easily change a nappy without having to entirely undress your squirming mini.

Most babies also HATE clothing being pulled over their heads so I make sure now that necklines are stretchy enough to easily pull up and down.

2. Go for Front Fasteners

Do not be tempted to buy anything that fastens at the back before the baby can sit up unassisted. Whilst ‘tummy time’ is essential for the baby’s physical development, testing it while getting them dressed isn’t the best idea and will result in tears and stress for all!

Go for poppers, buttons or zips that fasten on the front or under the bum so your baby can lie on their back and gaze at you while you’re doing them up.

baby boy with surprised look

3. Invest in Dribble Bibs

And I mean MANY dribble bibs! They’re worn snugly underneath baby’s chin and catch the constant drool/spit up they deposit in the first few months and through the teething stages.

Dribble Bibs are great for keeping baby’s clothes free from excess drool and in turn their skin won’t become irritated. They can also make a fairly simple outfit a little more stylish and quirky too!

4. Buy Basics in Bulk

For basic items like vests, onesies and socks, buy them in a neutral colour and buy in multi-packs. Until the age of 2, and probably beyond, you’ll go through these so rapidly each day. Especially in the early days of constant poo-namis and spit-ups.

I wouldn’t recommend spending a fortune on these kinds of basic items because you’ll end up losing so many! They’re pretty much always hidden under other clothing anyway so as long as they’re cotton, they don't need to be expensive or fussy.

5. Don’t ‘Over Buy’

Try your best not to splurge on too many new clothes before your baby arrives. You won’t know their actual size until they’ve literally ‘shown their face’ and might end up with a wardrobe full of items that are too small.

Perhaps buy a few key items in size newborn and 0-3 months but keep the receipts for as many as possible until the baby is born, in case you need to exchange the sizes when the baby arrives.

You won’t want to hit the shops yourself in the first few days (week, months … maybe!) after you’ve had your baby. However many stores offer free and next day delivery now so you need not worry about having your baby’s complete first wardrobe on the first day you bring them home.

Do you have any of your own tips to add to this list? Please add them in the comments section below! Alternatively, check out some of our other guest blogger’s handy hints and advice on the Bobux blog today!