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5 Reasons Your Kids’ Feet Will Love Merino Wool This Winter



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5 Reasons Your Kids’ Feet Will Love Merino Wool This Winter

Did you know the wool of a Merino sheep never stops growing? Merino sheep have to be sheared at least once a year or their wool will continue to grow and grow until they end up like Shrek the sheep - who went 6 six years without shearing!

Shrek the sheep
Image: Shrek the sheep (

It’s just as well Merinos need to be sheared, because the Bobux design team can’t get enough of their miracle wool! And it’s not just because we’re in New Zealand, where for every one person there are 6 sheep, it’s because Merino pretty much has superpowers that make it the perfect material to incorporate into kids’ winter footwear.

To bring a bit more joy to chilly days, here are 5 reasons your kids’ feet will love Merino wool this winter!

1. Merino naturally balances body temperature

In the Southern Alps of New Zealand, you’ll find Merino sheep comfortably grazing all year round: During the scorching summers and freezing winters. This is because their wool is an active fibre, meaning it responds to body temperature to make sure the sheep are always comfortable. So if the chilly weather is making your child’s feet cold, Merino wool will trap more warmth to keep them snug. And if they work up a sweat during playtime, Merino releases the warmth, cooling the feet and allowing them to breathe.

Merino fleece lining of Bobux Aspen boot in Caramel

2. Merino keeps feet dry

Moisture is no match for Merino! The ultra-absorbent wool naturally wicks moisture away from growing feet and continues to insulate. So when the puddles left behind after a rainy day become too much to resist, kids can have a good splash and the wonder-wool will continue to keep their feet dry and snug.

3. Merino keeps feet healthy and odour-free

If you ever meet a Merino sheep - a species that spends its days plodding through poop-covered paddocks - you might be surprised by how not-smelly they are. Kids’ feet and shoes get smelly when bacteria builds up and shoes made from synthetic materials only make matters worse. Merino sheep have their wool to thank for their pleasant musk: It’s naturally resistant to bacteria and odour retention. Think of the stinkiest sneaker you’ve ever smelled - Merino-lined shoes are sounding pretty good right about now, huh?

4. You only need a little Merino for a LOT of magic

We’ve all bought winter boots in the size up to account for our favourite, enormous fluffy socks - well, gone are those days! Merino’s warmth-to-weight ratio is impressive, to say the least: A fine Merino lining insulates enough warmth to eliminate the need for chunky, heavy shoes and socks, so feet are kept warm without the added weight, restriction or discomfort.

Hi Dimension Fine Merino inner

5. Merino is seriously soft

The thought of having wool against your skin can bring up some scratchy, uncomfortable memories, but that’s not the case for all wool - and certainly not for Merino. Its wool fibres are so fine and gentle on skin that it's used even used to make underwear - some of the best in the world, in fact! Its super-soft, no-itch comfort also makes Merino the perfect wool for kids’ shoes.

Properties of merino

Tested by nature, Merino is one of the oldest varieties of wool in the world. And while we risk sounding like a bunch of sheep fanatics, the Bobux design team is nothing short of obsessed with this natural, miracle fibre. So this season, we’ve incorporated Merino into two brand-new styles.

Cosy Merino fleece features in this season’s Aspen boot, a waterproof style designed to keep feet snug in even the chilliest climates. A Merino lining has also been incorporated into the award-winning Hi Dimension trainer. With its moisture-wicking, odour-eating and temperature regulating properties, this Merino-lined trainer is perfect for play!

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