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5 Of Our Favourite Parenting Tricks



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5 Of Our Favourite Parenting Tricks

We talk to parents a lot - and as rewarding as it is, I think we can agree it can be hard! Sometimes we've got to get creative and it can get pretty fun. Check out our favourites for a bit of inspiration!

1. The Old Dinnertime Switcheroo

zucchini spaghetti

Picky eaters are the worst! It doesn't matter how good your argument is in the Great Broccoli Debate, they still won't take a damn bite. When bribing, begging and bargaining fails to work it's time to skip right to bald-faced lying.

Tricking your toddler into eating their veggies is as easy as switching out their favourite foods for convincing replacements.

Swap the spaghetti for zucchini noodles. Throw some carrots and oranges in the blender for some veggie-rich OJ, or freeze a green smoothie in Popsicle moulds and give it to them as a healthy dessert.

You can even mash up the veggies, add a little paprika and serve it as a dip for with some carrot sticks.

If all else fails, dump some cheese on it and start a new con tomorrow.

2. Gamify Cleaning & Homework

lego cleaner

There’s no faster way to level up your toddler than with a game! Gamification is when something IRL (in real life) takes on elements of game playing.

This includes competition, specific rules, as well as unlocked achievements and rewards. Whether your kids are sports mad, video game nuts, or Monopoly-loving entrepreneurs, Gamification can help your kids get engaged and learn some important stuff they might otherwise ignore.

Gamification can help you get the kids to clean up after themselves, encourage them to do well at school, and try new experiences without anxiety.

Kids suffering anxiety can also really benefit from Gamification. This is because kids understand you’re supposed to lose at games sometimes, but it’s alright because you get better every time you try.

If your little one is procrastinating, it’s possible their just nervous about failing. Turn it into a game, with bonuses and rewards and it won’t seem so scary.

3. Hold a Messy Play Time

Girl Covered with Coloured Powder

Sometimes it just feels like your kids would rather live in a barn where they can be free to be messy little ratbags without mum telling them to clean up.
But in all honesty, that does sound kind of fun, not forever, but what about for an afternoon? Having a “messy” play time is a great way to encourage spontaneity, creativity and free expression.

Grab some safe paints and go wild, have the kids create a Jackson Pollock-inspired masterpiece on an old bed sheet. Pick up some whipped cream and chocolate topping and have a delicious and sticky food fight.

Once the kids have surrendered to the Food Fight Champion (You), clean up the mess together.

4. Get Experimental with Snack Time

fruit basket in the park
Teaching kids to try new things can be difficult. They much prefer to stick to their regular food and schedule, and will be resistant to switching it up.
A great way to convince your hell-raiser that trying new things can be fun is to start introducing new foods to them young.
Make snack time an event, go to the local market and pick up some exotic fruits and snacks and throw a picnic where you and the kids sample the bounty.
Open up their palette and let them explore new foods. This can encourage them to try new things in other areas of their lives as well.

5. Hold Q&A Sessions featuring the World Wide Web

mother and child with laptop

Children's questions can be random, shocking and exasperating! Every parent has been on the receiving end of a barrage of Whys. Sometimes the questions are so deep, it can be hard to know how to answer. Not knowing the answer can even lead us to take educated guesses.
There is nothing wrong with telling your little nagger that you honestly don't know the answer. The best way to handle these questions is to encourage your child to seek out information and learn.
Having a google session to find answers to their wild questions is a great way to encourage their curiosity.
Do you have any smart parenting tricks? Share your best tips in the comment section below Find more handy hints and parenting advice on the Bobux blog today!