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5 Fun Turkey Day Activities for Kids



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5 Fun Turkey Day Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving is a great time to let the holiday festivities begin. As your families come together to celebrate, take some time to let the creative juices flow! Get out the art supplies and let your little ones create holiday decorations or gather around and share what they think the Thanksgiving holiday is all about.

1. Create Handprint Turkeys

Use white construction paper and trace around your child's hands. Let your little one color the turkey using brown for the body and a rainbow of colors for each of the feathers. Draw a face and legs and then cut the turkeys out. Put a small amount of double-sided tape on the back and you'll have a family of turkeys of all shapes and sizes displayed proudly on your wall.


boy holding craft red heart kid toddler

2. Make Simple Christmas Ornaments

Simple Christmas ornaments can be made using old Christmas balls or you can create different shapes out of dough. If you are using Christmas balls, trace lines using Elmer's glue and then sprinkle with glitter. If you choose to make dough ornaments, blend the dough using your favorite recipe, make different shapes and bake per the instructions. Once the ornaments have cooled, let the kids paint use watercolor paints to decorate the ornaments.

3. Create a Grateful Banner

Cut triangles out of construction paper and have each child decorate one with things they are grateful for. Fold a half-inch of the triangle over a string and create a banner using every child's decorated triangle. It's a great idea for adults to make triangles too. Another take on this idea is to print off “Grateful” pages and let each child color one and draft a list of what they are grateful for on the back. After dinner, have the children share their list with the family.

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4. Read Thanksgiving Stories to the Children

A great way to settle the children down is to read them a story. Choose two or three popular children's stories and read one to the kids while dinner is being prepared, Save the other two for after dinner when everyone is settling down to spend quality family time.

5. Make Thanksgiving Placemats

Purchase white placemats or print off paper placemat templates. Set the kids at a large table with some crayons, colored pencils, and markers. Let them make placemats for each family member. They can decorate them however they choose. This will help the younger kids learn how to spell names and also let the older kids show off their artistic talents.

The holidays are a fun time for every member of the family. Gather the kids together and let them help with the decorations. Give them some art supplies and a little guidance and before you know it, your home will be filled with homemade crafts and drawings that you children can show off to grandparents and other relatives.