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4 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids


Valentine's Day is about spreading the love! Let your little ones join in the fun. The following crafts are easy to complete and the whole family can participate! Break out the craft supplies and cooking utensils to make this Valentine's Day a special one for every member of the family.

1. The Love Tree

Trace each family member's hand in red, white, pink or red paint and place on firm construction paper. Once the handprint dries, trace a trunk beneath the hand "leaves" and carefully cut each hand tree out. Have the family member write their name on the trunk. Trace several different size hearts and cut them out as well. Glue all the hand trees and hearts to a larger poster board to create a Valentine’s Day Forest and admire your work of art!


kids crafting red paint handprint

2. Heart-Shaped Treats

Bake sugar cookies or Rice Krispie treats just like the recipe calls for but add a touch of pink or red food coloring. We love Suncore Foods for their natural food coloring powders! Once you mix together all ingredients and roll out the dough or spread the Rice Krispie mixture in a pan, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make the shapes. Wrap each one individually and create tags to hand out on Valentine's Day!


heart baked cookies pink

3. White Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Melt a few squares of white chocolate and add red food coloring. You can either leave it swirled or mix it up to make different shades of pink to red. While still warm, dip knotted pretzels in the chocolate and set aside. Before the chocolate hardens, sprinkle with red sugar or colorful sprinkles. You can dip the whole pretzel or just half of it. Either way, it's a sweet treat the whole family or classroom will enjoy!


heart baking sprinkles red pink

4. Fingerprint Picture Frames

This project is messier than most but will guaranteed to be lots of fun, especially for the little ones. First, squeeze out a few dots of red and white paint. Mix some together so you have a nice range of pink shades to work with. Take a picture frame with a wide border and let your child dip their thumb in the paint and place thumbprints of different colors all over the edges. You can add thumbprint hearts as a final touch by putting two thumbprints together, next to each other with the bottoms overlapping. Seal the frame with a clear, spray-on sealant and voila!


When will you be scheduling a craft day for your little ones to prep for Valentine's Day? Are there any other Valentine's Day traditions you have with your family? Share in the comments below!