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4 Family Activity Ideas



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4 Family Activity Ideas

With most of us being at home for the next little while, it's important to integrate a balance of structure and fun things into our days. With no school days, keep structures in place and lay out your own schedule to keep to. Either draw it on a whiteboard, or try this online schedule builder. Break up the day with breakfast, lunch and dinner, and if there’s school work, consider when your kids can focus best and use that to frame the schedule. For the remainder of the time,  add in a mix of learning, screen time and outdoor activities. We’ve included our top four activities below!


1. Stimulate Their Brains

To keep your kids learning during this time, there are heaps of online resources in every subject. Also, there are plenty of educational shows on Netflix, or check out this free virtual tour of Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, or watch the live cams at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Who said screen time was all bad? 


This is also a great time to start teaching them practical skills like cooking, sewing or cleaning. You can get them involved in meal planning and let each kid pick a dish to make. Add these activities, chores or tasks to the schedule for your kids to accomplish every week. This will help give them the structure they crave and keep the whole family feeling productive during this time.


2. Picnic in the Park

While social distancing is a priority, it doesn’t mean that families need to stay cooped up inside all day. Pack a picnic lunch or a snack spread and find an empty patch of grass at your local park for a few hours of sunshine and outdoor fun. Play a game of good old fashioned tag, create a relay race, play a game of I Spy or read a book. If your little ones are able to run around, you just may score yourself an early bedtime as well! Talk about a parenting win. 





3. Backyard Campout

A backyard campout is a great way to escape your house without even leaving your property. If you don't have a fire pit, you can easily create one by digging a hole and putting a few large rocks around it. Pitch a couple of tents and break out the sleeping bags and blankets. Roast some hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire and finish off the night with some scary stories if the kids are old enough or a few sing-a-long songs. This is a great way for kids to experience the great outdoors and have a fun experience out of the normal in your own backyard.





4. Family Film Fest 

Film festivals are always a fun way to pass the time. Pick one or two movies as a family to watch and host a themed dinner party. A fun example would be to plan a Western night complete with chili, grilled cheese sandwiches and your favorite western films. If your family is more into comedies, hot dogs and chips make the perfect pairing. The kids will have a blast choosing a movie they want to watch and helping prepare the dinner to go with it. Bonus points for dressing up to match the theme!