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10 Parenting Resolutions for the New Year



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10 Parenting Resolutions for the New Year

Being the best possible parent to our children is something we all strive for. The following parent resolutions will provide you with a good place to start if you are trying to make this year the best one yet!

1. Hug More

Hug your children every chance you get! Days pass by so quickly and some of the best opportunities for hugs slip away. Take them whenever you can get them. We all need hugs to make some feel better. Don't be shy! Share the love!

2. Practice Kindness

Be a role model when it comes to others. Always be kind to others, encourage their efforts and teach your children that practicing kindness should always be a priority. You never know when a smile will start a chain reaction and brighten someone's day.

mom daughter playing with rainbow confetti in jean jackets

3. Teach Forgiveness

It's okay to make mistakes. Learn what lessons they offer and teach your children that forgiveness allows us to heal from the hurt. Forgiving others releases a weight that may otherwise follow you around for many years.

4. Embrace Diversity

Every child is different and unique in their own way. Embrace their diversity and encourage them to be who they are! Allow them the opportunity to grow and learn about themselves. Be proud of who they are and they will grow up to be confident and strong adults.

5. Make More Memories

Gifts are nice but most will be forgotten over time. Instead of investing so much of your hard-earned money in physical presents, make memories and gift experiences instead. Take a trip, play games or start a new yearly tradition for birthdays and holidays. These are the moments your little one will always remember and cherish!

6. Listen More

Encourage your child to talk to you about the important things by showing them that you are willing to listen. Ask questions and make it clear to them that you are interested in learning what they have to say. Anyone can speak their mind, but it takes someone who is willing to listen to actually make a difference.

7. Be More Attentive

In today's fast-paced world, it's so easy to say, “We can do that later.” Be more attentive. Know what your child likes and make plans to spend time together. When they ask for your attention, don't deny them. Make time for them whenever you can. They are only young for a little while!


two kids playing beside glass windows in pajamas

8. Play More

Don't be so serious! Play more! Break out the games or host a movie night. Build a blanket fort and drink hot chocolate while you watch your little one's favorite movies. Visit an amusement park or just find ways to have some good old fashioned fun! Your children will love you for it and you will find that you are more relaxed at the end of the day.

9. Be Mindful

Always be mindful! Your children may not tell you everything but if you look closely and know your habits, you can tell when they are struggling with something. Be aware and always encourage them to talk to you when they have a problem. Sharing the difficult times together makes sharing the good times that much better.

10. Encourage Accountability

Teach your child to be accountable for their own actions and accept responsibility. Honesty is always the best possibility. This is a lesson that will last them a lifetime!

Evolving and learning as a parent is easy when you make the choice to always put your children first. Take a few minutes to remember that they are only young for a little while. Embrace every moment and always let them know how much you love them!