Lifestyle at Bobux

At Bobux, we believe in living life the full with our kids and having loads of fun while we’re at it. While you’re dealing with screaming babies, tantrum-ing toddlers and sleepless nights, it can be hard to remember that they’re only this age once. Soon, you’ll blink and your kid is standing proudly on stage at their high school graduation, then they’re stepping out into the world on their own! That’s why we want to have fun with our kids now, before they’re ignoring us for their iPhones! On our blog, you’ll find activity ideas, cool places to visit and plenty of other fun stuff for living the Bobux lifestyle!

Back To School Checklist For Parents

As your kids get ready to go back to school, there are a few things you will want to remember to buy for the upcoming school year. Check out this handy printable checklist!.

Take Your Child from Summer Mode to School Mode

Transitioning from summer fun to a school daze can be difficult for your kids. Read with us for some insights on a smooth mode transition!.

The Ultimate Summer Sandals for Kids

When it comes to kids’ footwear, it’s important to consider foot health! Every one of our sandals is designed by podiatrists who specialize in children's feet and how they develop.

Vacation and Trip Preparation Tips for Kids

Traveling with kids? Let us help you take the edge off with these great vacay prep tips for parents traveling with kids! Read along with us!.

Summer Learning for First Graders

Your little ones are now in full summer living and they want to keep exploring and learning about the world around them! Read along with us for some great summer learning tips!.

Teaching Your Kids Problem Solving Skills

While some “problems” are really just learning adventures, it's those first problem solving situations that lay the groundwork for how they will manage obstacles throughout their life!.

Baby Shoes For Walking

A baby's foot is quite unique in how it is shaped and foot development happens fast! For this reason you will need to be very diligent in choosing their shoes.

Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

It’s summer and it’s time to get active! Read along with us for some great summer activities for your little ones!.

How to Prevent Summer Brain Drain

When school lets out for the summer, most kids focus more on playing than they do on remembering the lessons they learned in school. Read on to learn how to prevent summer brain drain!.

Summer Shoes for Kids, Toddlers & Babies

Whether you have a newborn, first walker, toddler or active child, the right seasonal shoes are a must! Read on to get some great insights on summer shoes for kids!.