Introducing Bobux’s New KID+ Range for BIG Kids!

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Introducing Bobux’s New KID+ Range for BIG Kids!

So, you’ve been a loyal Bobux customer (or you have just discovered the Bobux range) but your kid’s feet have grown too big to squeeze them into a pair of our award-winning, podiatrist-approved shoes.

Well, have we got news for you! May we introduce the next step in kids’ shoes, KID+. We saw the gap in the market, and we know better than anyone how important it is for kids to have shoes that are designed especially for their growing feet.

Some may think, once the little one is running, jumping, climbing, dancing, kicking and generally causing havoc, that it no longer matters what’s on their feet. But if they are still developing, still growing, they’ll need shoes that take their developmental needs into consideration.

On the outside, Bobux’s KID+ range may look a lot like our I-Walk range, but under the hood there is so much more to them. These are some of the things that make the KID+ range the most innovative development in kids’ shoes to date.

boy in bobux kids+ shoes

Expertly Designed for Big Kids

Bobux is known for being podiatrist endorsed because we work tirelessly to ensure our kids’ shoes prioritise foot development. Every Bobux shoe is designed to meet the needs of energetic kids, making sure their feet are protected and healthy development is supported.

Kids’ feet don’t stop growing and developing until their early teens. In fact bones in their feet aren’t even solid until they are around eight years old. That’s why we thought it was necessary to expand our range to include four to eight year olds.

So, we opened to a new page of our notebooks, and started designing the perfect shoe for older kids from scratch! We thought it was important to really look at the physical characteristics of feet at this age, and how they use their shoes as their developmental needs have advanced.

At this age, kids have a unique foot shape, leaner and more dextrous; their feet are becoming more mature. They need shoes that support their heels and have better soles for good grip on heel plant and toe drive.

The KID+ range has been designed to allow them to have freedom of movement, so they can jump around like little maniacs without being encumbered by their shoes. They are exactly the kind of shoes they need for this exciting stage of their lives.

Top-Notch Materials & Textiles

girl in bobux kids+ shoes

Bobux KID+ shoes are made to survive the craziness of childhood. Kids don’t treat their shoes well ... Why would they when there’s an enticing puddle to jump in?

At Bobux, we source a mix of premium natural and innovative synthetic materials, like our impressive textile technology that includes abrasion-resistant micro armour textiles, so you never have to worry about scuffed toe caps.

Majority of our shoes are made from premium materials like soft leather and suede. We know kids are at their craziest at this age, so our shoes are easy to care for (at least something is!).

Smart Shoe Soles

Flexible and durable shoe soles are a must for kids of any age. Bobux KID+ shoes use innovative technology to fashion the perfect shoe soles for kids.

Our custom tread is inspired by Formula 1 tyres. Its super flexible and designed to last so you won’t have to worry about the shoes wearing out after a day of adventuring (the kids, on the other hand...)!

The new hi-tech soles are more lightweight to suit how older kids walk and run. They are tried and tested and made for play in wet and dry weather.

boy in bobux kids+ shoes

Cool Styles, Awesome Designs

As with every Bobux shoe range, the KID+ range comes in a bunch of chic styles and awesome designs. There is a shoe for every occasion.

For days out in the city or at a happening party, the Blaze range is not to be missed. The colourful range come in Hi and Lo tops, with different animal designs your kids will love.

For special occasions like weddings, there are shiny ballet flats and handsome leather boots. There are also a number of shoes perfect for school. Considering kids spend a lot of time wearing school shoes, expertly designed school shoes are a must.

Sage, the daughter of Brie from BeebeesxThree, scales a wall at Sky Zone in Sydney wearing her new Zebra Blaze sneakers!

Our KID+ Launch

Over the course of three days, Bobux celebrated the new KID+ range with three events at Clip’n Climb Melbourne, Sky Zone in Sydney and Extreme Edge in Auckland.

With some very special guests from all over Australia and New Zealand, the bloggers and celebrities were enamoured with the new range. Kids who had grown up with Bobux and had aged out of our shoes were excited to be able to pick a new pair that were a perfect fit!

Hadassah of Alphabet Street praised the launch of the new range: “The kids had an absolute ball and without doubt, the winter line for Bobux and the excitement of bigger sizes is just stunning.”

While Kylie of Kidgredients couldn’t get her son out of his new pair of Bobux shoes: “Jake refused to take his shoes off and it took a lot of bribery to remove them before bed, as he has decided they are his super hero shoes and he NEEDS to wear them.”

The kids got to road test the new range, and literally climb the walls! While their parents got their hands on goodie bags valued at over $400 that included extra shoes from Bobux, and much, much more. The response to our new range was overwhelmingly positive. Parents and kids alike were as excited about our KID+ range as we are!

Explore Bobux’s trendy new KID+ range today, and ensure your rambunctious monster’s feet are looked after for years to come.

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