Children’s Foot Health advice from Bobux

At Bobux, we’re all about the health of your kid’s feet. When it comes down to it, we have no other reason for existing. We create shoes for healthy feet, so we know it’s essential to provide you with a bank of resources, tips and information about the development of children’s feet, and help you understand foot health. On our blog, you’ll find information about developmental stages of kid’s feet, how to fit shoes correctly and knowing whether your kid’s feet are developed properly. We’ve also enlisted the help of Aussie podiatrist, and mumma herself, Anna Beetham to help us navigate the science behind kid’s feet, and she’ll be regularly contributing to our Foot Health Blog!

Baby Shoes For Walking

A baby's foot is quite unique in how it is shaped and foot development happens fast! For this reason you will need to be very diligent in choosing their shoes.

Shoes For Newborns

Most common shoes are simply not suitable for your newborn. A newborn's foot is unique. Baby feet are rounder and have more padding on the bottom so that the foot can develop and grow naturally.

Baby Shoes for Walking and Foot Development

It’s important for parents to know that as your little one grows up, the gradual development of their feet requires different levels of support..

The Best Toddler Shoes for Boys and Girls

It’s not just about style, size or color. What you put on your toddlers' little feet actually affects their foot health and development. Read on to learn more!.

How To Pick The Best Shoes For Toddlers

Your child’s feet are unique and picking the wrong shoe can actually be detrimental to their foot health. Learn about how to pick the best shoes for toddlers.

Why Soft Sole Baby Shoes Are a Must for Your Little One

As a parent, you want to make sure you do everything right for your baby’s health. There is a reason why soft soles were invented for babies. Learn why.

A Podiatrist's Guide To Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Child’s Stage Of Development

Depending on their stage of development, your child’s feet have their own unique footwear requirements. Podiatrist Anna Beetham put together this step-by-step guide to help you choose the best shoes for your little one’s future foot health.

If The Shoe Fits: A Podiatrist’s Guide To Ensuring Your Child’s Shoes Are Correctly Fitted

Podiatrist Anna Beetham simplifies one of the most important aspects of footwear into easy to use tips to ensure the shoe you are buying is the best size and shape for your child’s feet.

5 Reasons Your Kids’ Feet Will Love Merino Wool This Winter

Tested by nature, Merino is one of the oldest varieties of wool in the world. And while we risk sounding like a bunch of sheep fanatics, the Bobux design team is nothing short of obsessed with this natural, miracle fibre.

Sole Mates: Helping Your Child Get To Know Their Feet

Teaching your kids about their feet is a great way to help them see how strong, smart and cool they are - all the more reason to take care of them!.