4 Up-and-Coming Australian Fashion Designers

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4 Up-and-Coming Australian Fashion Designers

Busy bee mums, we’re at it again! It’s been a while since we coaxed you to splurge a little on yourself and we thought you deserved a reminder.

Our home-grown Kiwi fashion designers post saw so much success we felt compelled to bring you the latest and greatest Aussie fashion designers. That’s right, we’ve spent an afternoon trawling the internet for Australian fashion designers everyone is talking about.

We’re thrilled with some of the local talent out there. They’re bold. They’re original. And they’re making waves around the world. Here are some of our favourite up-and-coming Aussie designers we think you’ll love too:

The Ark Clothing Co.

By the designers’ own admission, The Ark Clothing Co. came about by accident. But aren’t we glad it happened?

Chris and Jen were young mums performing the juggling act we’re so familiar with and longing for some comfy clothes to do it in.

This Melbourne-based collective is all about getting you to look good without any fuss or discomfort. Their slip-on clothing is for the stay-at-home mum as well as the hectic business woman.

As an added bonus, their company is dedicated to ethical trading with a supply chain recognised and awarded by Ethical Clothing Australia.

the ark clothing co womens fashionSophistication meets simplicity with The Ark Clothing Co. (Picture courtesy of The Ark Clothing Co. ).

Serpent & the Swan

If you’re after something a little more left of centre – or in this company’s case, a lot! You simply must check out Serpent & the Swan .

The two sisters behind the brand have made a big effort to immerse you in their designer world, inspired by the anatomy of creatures and the minute details of the universe around us.

Every collection seizes upon a unique print or animal-inspired trimming and features the company’s trademark bold buttons, brooches, zipper-heads and toggles.

Serpent & the Swan caters to men’s and women’s fashion. You can find their collections in boutiques throughout Australia and internationally, as well as online.

Jac+ Jack

Combining modernity with simplicity, Jac+ Jack drops the fast pace a notch and trades in speedy manufacturing for superior quality.

Focusing on attention to detail, this Aussie company emphasises stylish but effortless clothing for busy mums and dads.

Jac+ Jack designers and founders Jacqueline “Jac” Hunt and Lisa “Jack” Dempsey wanted to create a clothing business of the highest quality. It prides itself on using authentic, premium natural fibres – and don’t we know it!

You’ll appreciate their efforts when you slip one of their cashmere, fine cotton, linen, silk or Australian superfine merino wool sweaters over your head.

This is a company that’s on the up and up. If you’re lucky, you can head on over to one of their five stores in Australia or the UK. But this is a brand for all, so the online store provides shipping to Australia, the UK, Europe and New Zealand. Hurrah!

female wearing Jac+ Jack designer fashionsJac+ Jack is renowned for its quality yet comfortable fashion. (Photo courtesy of Russh Magazine).

Faithfull the Brand

The delightful range of clothing from Faithfull the Brand is sure to put a spring in your step. We know we stipulated all-Australian designers but we couldn’t face omitting Faithfull from our list.

This gorgeous light and feminine designer brand was conceived in Bali in 2012 by Australian Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Norwegian Helle Them-Enger.

This is a truly multinational brand, embracing Scandinavian simplicity but melding it with that old-fashioned Aussie free spirit to create something remarkably refreshing. All collection pieces are hand-made, hand-printed and hand-dyed in Bali.

woman wearing clothes from Faithfull the BrandFaithfull the Brand combines minimalism with bohemianism. (Picture courtesy of Faithfull the Brand ).


Have we listed your favourite Aussie designer here, or is there another off-the-cuff brand you simply can’t resist? Please share it with us today in the comments section below. We’re all about sharing the love!

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