4 Up and Coming UK Fashion Designers

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4 Up and Coming UK Fashion Designers

Hello to all our British friends and followers! Lucky you, because this week we're continuing on with our fashion series that celebrates designers great and small.

There are certainly hundreds of remarkable, emerging, fashion designers in the UK at the moment. It can be an overwhelming task to attempt to pick the cream of the crop. But don’t worry, we've narrowed it down to just a few that we're sure you'll love as much as we do.

It'll be exciting to see what these brands end up achieving in the coming years so keep an eye out!


A favourite of Leandra Medine from Man Repeller, this label was created by two friends, Ahn and Ha (hence the name).

AhnHa Fashion Designer UKPicture courtesy of: Man Repeller

The designers have a local studio in London, as well as a workshop in Vietnam where local artisans work carefully on bringing to life the brand’s intricate embroidery and beading designs. Each piece is then hand finished in AnhHa’s London studio. AnhHa pride themselves on producing clothing of the highest possible quality.

As you can imagine, AnhHa’s pieces are highly sought after and have quickly gained a global cult following.

Lucas Nascimento

Lucas Nascimento is known as a knitwear genius in the fashion industry. As the man himself curiously says “I like making knits that don't look like knits.”

Recently, Lucas has branched off into making knits out of lighter fabrics after being inspired by the sultry Brigitte Bardot.

lucas-nascimento-new-london-fashion-designerPicture courtesy of: Vogue

The Brazilian-born, London-based designer’s collections feature sharp and sculptured designs that are made with modern, textural fabrics. His designs are certainly futuristic-looking but also refreshingly wearable (no space helmets in sight).

Danielle Romeril

Danielle Romeril is a vibrant womenswear designer who enjoys experimenting with her designs. After moving from Dublin to London, Danielle remarked she has always felt like a ‘newbie’. Despite this, she is certainly making her mark in the UK fashion industry.

Danielle works with amazing fabric combinations and details in order to create fresh and contemporary designs. Since her label launched in 2013 at London Fashion Week it has continued to grow and is now stocked in over 10 countries across the globe.


Picture courtesy of: Danielle Romeril

She tends to dramatically change her designs each season so keep a look out for what unbelievable design she comes up with next!

Solace London

If you have been browsing ASOS recently, you have probably come across this brand.

Founded in 2013, Solace London designs contemporary womenswear with a focus on construction, craftsmanship and detail. Since their launch their popularity with the young fashion crowd has soared with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Chrissy Teigen sporting their designs.

The brand’s designs are the perfect choice for that special event where you want to make a bold statement.

Picture courtesy of: Asos

As you can see, on any day of the week, London showcases a variety of fashion designers displaying their innovative collections, but which UK designers have caught your eye amongst the crowds?

Find out more about our local designers in Australia and New Zealand. And for kids … Look no further than our range of trendy Bobux shoes!

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