4 Rainy Day Activity Ideas for Kids

September 26, 2019 No comments
4 Rainy Day Activity Ideas for Kids

4 Rainy Day Activity Ideas for Kids

It's raining outside and your kids are starting to look bored.... Sound familiar!? Brighten up their day by putting together a few activities that will keep them busy for hours and allow you to have some fun (or some much needed time to conquer chores!) as well. Explore your little one's imagination and throw in a few educational activities for a well rounded rainy day! You may be surprised at how being cooped up inside can make for some excellent quality time with your children.

Unleash Their Artistic Talents

Let your kids explore their artistic talents by breaking out all the crafts! We're talking crayons, finger paints, and paper. Maybe even some play-dough and building blocks? Why not! Let them draw, color, build, and share their ideas with one another. Challenge each kiddo to draw a farm animal and then showcase them all together on the fridge to create a small barnyard! Try reading a story to your little ones and have them draw a picture that represents one of the scenes in the book. Then turn the kids loose to let them draw freestyle or make a few of their favorite things with the craft supplies.

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Throw A Party

Get out the party favors and throw a “just because” party! Not only will everyone have fun but you'll also win some major brownie points from the other moms to cash in for the future! Have your kids help you bake a cake and set the table and decorate the house while it bakes. Provide crayons and paper and allow them to make a few special homemade decorations. Don't forget about a tray of healthy snacks! Or ask the guests to bring some snacks, potluck style! Plan a few party games like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey or have a scavenger hunt using a few household or educational items. Turn up the music and get the party started!

PJs and Popcorn

When it's dreary outside and no one is really in the mood to do much of anything, Pjs and popcorn are always a good idea! Let your little ones select a few of your family's favorite movies and start the lounge fest. Lay down some pillows and blankets on the floor to create a comfortable “nest” where everyone can get snuggled up and relax. Mother Nature can't put a damper on your family time when you're all hanging out together watching your favorite movies, right!?

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Game Day Marathon

Host a game day marathon with board games, card games, charades or any type of game you can think will help keep your kids' minds off the fact that they are stuck inside for the day. Don't be afraid to get creative! Take the classics like a Scavenger Hunt or Jeopardy and make it your own! The options are endless and you will spend quality time with your kids having fun and making new memories.

Want to stay in for the day but everyday life is making you brave the weather anyway? Round up the kids, dress them warmly and give them a rain slicker or poncho to wear. And don't forget about the Bobux Waterproof Grass Court Sneaker Collection or Paddington Rain Boots to keep your children's feet dry and comfortable, even in the worst weather. When puddle jumping is inevitable, it's best to make sure your kiddos are dry and comfy!