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Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

It’s cold outside but you can’t keep your kids inside all day! Keep your kids active and happy with these great outdoor winter activities..

How To Pick The Best Shoes For Toddlers

Your child’s feet are unique and picking the wrong shoe can actually be detrimental to their foot health. Learn about how to pick the best shoes for toddlers.

5 Winter Activities for Toddlers

It’s getting cold out there! Given the season and the weather, we wanted to put together 5 fun winter activities for toddlers. Read on and enjoy your little ones!.

Gift Ideas for The Child Who Has Everything

5 Great holiday gift ideas for the child who has everything! Wishing you a great holiday season from our Bobux family to yours! Read on..

Why Soft Sole Baby Shoes Are a Must for Your Little One

As a parent, you want to make sure you do everything right for your baby’s health. There is a reason why soft soles were invented for babies. Learn why.

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids | Bobux

Here are some cute and fun activities for your little ones on Thanksgiving day. Wishing you a great Thanksgiving from our Bobux family to yours! Read on.

28 years ago the world's first Soft Sole was made

Over 25 years ago, the world’s first Soft Sole came to be. It was handmade from leather offcuts, stitched together in a New Zealand garage by Bobux founder, Chris Bennett.

A Podiatrist's Guide To Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Child’s Stage Of Development

Depending on their stage of development, your child’s feet have their own unique footwear requirements. Podiatrist Anna Beetham put together this step-by-step guide to help you choose the best shoes for your little one’s future foot health.

We Asked Real Mums What Style Means To Their Families

Style means something different to everyone, so we asked real mums what it means to them and their families. Whether you dress to fit in, stand out, to express yourself or simply for comfort, one thing’s for sure: Fun is always in fashion!.

If The Shoe Fits: A Podiatrist’s Guide To Ensuring Your Child’s Shoes Are Correctly Fitted

Podiatrist Anna Beetham simplifies one of the most important aspects of footwear into easy to use tips to ensure the shoe you are buying is the best size and shape for your child’s feet.