You can’t keep them small forever, but keepsakes like their first pair of shoes can always take you back to littler times.

For many kids, the Bobux Soft Sole is the first shoe they’ll ever step into. It’s a personal milestone most of us don’t remember, but one that parents and family never forget. 


We’re a sentimental bunch, so we’ve curated the Retro Collection to celebrate and commemorate 30 years of special memories like this. We’ve brought back the original Bobux Bear as well as some other familiar favorites for this retro baby shoes collection, full of nostaligia, vintage style, and cute characters. Like all Bobux Soft Soles, the range is designed with your baby’s foot health and comfort in mind. Look after your little one's delicate feet by choosing original baby shoes approved by podiatrists. 



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Our classic range of retro baby shoes is full of friendly characters to spark your baby's imagination. Our soft leather original baby shoes come in an array of designs - from tractors to boats and planes, from elephants and whales to the heriatge bobux Bear. Our designers have created a family of cute character appliques which feature on many of our soft sole baby shoes. To engage your baby’s imagination these friendly faces are placed so they are up the right way when baby looks at them, and are adorned with tactile features. Treat your little one to an adorable pair of newborn shoes today.


Fostering Health Foot Development


It will take a while for babies’ feet to really take shape. At the moment, their feet are pudgy, round and adorably squishy, with no arches. 


Every time babies wiggle their toes, flex their feet and kick their legs, their feet get stronger and stronger, and eventually, they’ll take the shape of a mature foot. But if you put a pair of heavy, rigid shoes on the end of their legs, these activities that are so crucial to their development become a lot more difficult. They need soft sole pram and crib shoes to provide delicate protection. 


Discover Soft Sole Baby Shoes USA


The best thing for babies’ feet is to keep them bare, but an element of protection is often needed in this modern landscape of ours. Crafted from 100% premium leather and suede, Soft Soles are the flexible, lightweight second-skin pre walker shoes for babies that protect growing feet while providing the flexibility they need to develop.


With a focus on craftsmanship and style-leadership, our range of soft sole baby shoes has been designed to complement both baby boys’ and baby girls’ outfits while holding lasting sentimental value.


Our prewalker soft sole baby shoes come in sizes Newborn-Xtra Large, to keep those tiny little baby feet happy and healthy right up until they start to learn to walk. We recommend soft soles for newborn babies up until around two years of age, or until your little one is confidently crawling.


We want you and your baby girl to love their Bobux shoes, so we offer returns and exchanges so you can shop with peace of mind. 


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