100% Artisanal Mahogany Anti Shoe

This ridiculous shoe, completely fabricated of course, is a study in form without function. We thought to ourselves: what says luxury and trend in one? Recycled hardwood!

Of course, in order to speak to the discerning Bobux customer, it simply had to be locally sourced, single origin and artisanal - that’s a given. So here you have it, a shoe that is about as inflexible as you can get. In truth we know how important flexibility is in a shoe and this shoe was a chance to point that out.

Children's feet continue developing into early teenagehood. In order to develop the way nature intended feet need to grip and splay, stretch and strengthen through use. Their shoes need to be flexible enough to support this wide range of motion.

A fully wooden shoe with anti-flex? Not sure it’ll catch on.